In it to win it!

Are people still second guessing the intentions of the Cincinnati Reds Front Office? I’m not! First they re-signed Joey Votto and then Brandon Phillips all in the same year! To tell you the truth I knew something was different when Walt Jocketty signed Ryan Madson and traded for Mat Latos and Sean Marshall but many didn’t think it meant anything. All I can really say right now is; WOW!!! Thank you Bob!

If this doesn’t put fans in the stands I really don’t know what will.



  1. youjivinmeturkey

    Walt Jocketty Worked His Magic For The Cardinals For A Long Time…
    …So I KNEW He’d Be A Good Thing For Cincy.
    Looks To Me Like He’s Building Y’all A Perpetual WINNER.
    Cincy Has The Pieces To Make A DEEP Playoff Run.
    Now It’s a “Hurry-Up And Wait” Type Situation.
    Brewers, Eh.
    Cubs, HAHAHAHA
    Same with Pitt AND Houston.
    It’s ALL CARDS or ALL REDS, You Just Watch!
    L8r On, Dude!

    • 2r2d

      It is nice to be able to cheer for a team that is really working hard in the offseason and season to make a good team. There were many seasons I wondered what the hell I was doing cheering for them LOL Walt and Bob are showing fans they want to win now and for many years to come.

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