Reds on the Road

Today is the first road game of 2012 for Cincinnati Reds and Mat Latos will be the starting pitcher. Now that the first game is in the books for Mat, I am expecting he will settle down and get to work early against the Nationals. The Reds are going to be facing a very tough pitching squad but I am hoping they can get some early runs in order to help out their starters to get the wins. Zack Cozart, Jay Bruce and now Joey Votto are starting to hit the ball well. Let’s just hope the rest of the team gets some good pitches to hit during this series also.

Yesterday there were a few hits by the Reds that if it was warmer they would have been home runs. I am looking forward to seeing the younger players hit once it does get warmer. I am still not impressed by Homer Bailey and Drew Stubbs but hopefully that will change as the season goes on. Wilson Valdez needs to teach Drew Stubbs how to lay down a good bunt. He had some real beauties last game.

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