Great game

It didn’t turn out the way the Reds wanted but it was a great game to watch. I am very happy that the season has started and of course a few times I have already second guessed some of the moves made by the Cincinnati Reds but I have really enjoyed all the games played so far.

A few things I have noticed is, the strike outs are already starting to add up against the Reds. Bronson Arroyo is back in great form and the bullpen is not doing to bad with all the innings they have had to pitch this early in the season. Scott Rolen is doing great defensively like usual but doesn’t look the same at the plate or on the base paths. He doesn’t have that same motivation he used to and that might be a game changer many times for the Reds this season. Votto is playing great and Jay Bruce is starting to really get a lot better. I am really liking Zack Cozart and what he can do with the bat and in the field. Wilson Valdez is impressing me also.

This season I have already voiced my thoughts about Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey and many have sent me messages saying it is still to early to judge them yet. I say, it is put up or shut up time for these two boys. Stubbs is driving me crazy and now it looks like he is not hustling in the field to make plays that used to be easy for him. IF Homer goes 5 innings tomorrow I will be amazed. And like I have stated a few times, if these two guys start to get it and play amazing for the rest of the season I will be the first to say sorry to them both. Watching them play makes me think Dusty should bench one of them just to send a message out to the rest of the team. It’s as if they are playing under par because they think they can’t be punished. Drew Stubbs has never had to work for the starting job and this is one of the reasons I think he does not want to bunt much or play well at lead off.

Of course these are just my thoughts and like I have stated many times before, I have been wrong many times. Other than that, it is still great to have baseball back and like many have told me already, the season is still young, give them a chance. LOL

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