I still see lots of potential in this team

It was a tough loss today for Cincinnati Reds against Washington Nationals but there were a few things I liked. First off, Homer Bailey did not lose focus too much during the game. You could see when he started to nibble at the plate it all started to crumble on him but he got through better than I thought he would. So, I have to tip my hat to him.

Zack Cozart once again impressed me in the field. Drew Stubbs did not bat lead off so I am very happy with that. At one point during the game I thought Dusty Baker was going to have a heart attack. Many people can point the finger at him and to tell you the truth I have been one of those people many times but this game he actually did make moves to try to improve so I have to tip my hat to him as well.

Like many have told me already this season, it is still way to early to judge, so I will not be to negative on them today. I still like the potential of this team even with what is happening right now. As baseball fans we have all seen slumps.

One thing that keeps coming to mind is how the Reds started off last season. Everyone and their dog thought the Reds had the team to win it all because of their solid start and because of what they did the season before. This season they have started off rough and I have a strong feeling they will finish strong.

I still have faith in this team. Go Reds!

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