Pittsburgh Pirates fans have been very vocal about this series at Great American Ball Park and want blood for Chapman and Leake hitting their players. A few fans have suggested that their best pitcher who is coming off of a great game should go out there today and hit a Reds player in order to get revenge and get a message out there. What? I won’t include the quote because seriously I really don’t understand the logic. Why would a team which is down 2-0 in the series want to get their best pitcher ejected from the game for something so stupid? I have stayed off of twitter and have not posted much about this series because the Pirates fans are really out head hunting right now and I don’t have the patience to get into an argument with someone over something so dumb. There was no intention behind those pitches. Both pitchers were trying to get the pitches inside and they hit the batters, that is all. If Burnett hits a batter today, the umps will be all over the Pirates and they are only making this worse for themselves. One thing many Pirates fans are not talking about is the fact that they are not facing Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips or Johnny Cueto and still are losing.

I for one will not be upset if Burnett hits one of the Reds players today. I will not go crazy with rage and think it is intentional and I will not go to every Pirates message board out there and post how I think their team should be fined and banned…. LOL Because, as a baseball fan, I understand one very important thing, it is BASEBALL!!!!!!!

And to those Pirates fans out there that do read this, please don’t bash me for writing this. I am just trying to understand the logic behind some of your fans. I have nothing but respect for the Pirates (At the start of the season I predicted them to be 2nd in the division.) Even when your players pretty much acted like babies when they did get hit, I still have respect for the team. So please keep your mean comments to yourselves and have a nice season.


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