I won’t even guess

This off-season I am not even going to guess who Walt Jocketty and the Cincinnati Reds will trade. But, I will guess to how many trades they make with a nice low number of 3. I think Walt will stick to his guns of not trying to find the missing pieces through free agency and look through trades like he has done in the past. The only player I really do not want to see traded is Billy Hamilton, I really want to see this kid in a Reds uniform for his whole career. (If they can give Drew Stubbs a shot for as many seasons as they have, they should be able to afford to keep this kid on the roster.)

There are many rumors out there already about who the Reds are looking into but I will not get into them right now, because some of them are very far-fetched. (Even for the craziest of arm-chair GM’s out there.)

No matter what happens though, I will be happy with what Walt Jocketty and his staff do this off-season. They pulled of a huge trade last year in order to fill a spot which really improved (starting rotation) and I know they will do the same again this time.

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