OOTP 14 2r2d trade contest

Since starting this blog about my favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, I have had the pleasure of meeting many other great fans not only of the Reds but of every MLB team out there. I have also been able to chat with a lot of people behind the scenes of baseball.

Yesterday I got a message through twitter from the creators of Out of the Park Developments. (OOTP 14) I will be 100% honest with you, I felt pretty proud. (That is why I am writing this today, I had to let it sink in that it was real.)

| ootpbaseball on twitter |

I have played OOTP 14 and I have to say it is a lot of fun to play. You can play single player and online against other great MLB fans. And once again I will be 100% honest with you, Cincinnati Reds general Manager Walt Jocketty has nothing to worry about, I will never be able to steal his job from him. I have made many bad trades and the best part of all with OOTP 14, I can start over again if I don’t like the trade. (Except in online play, some trades you never forget.)

There are many options to the game which is one of my favorite parts. You can play the current season with the 2013 roster or you can go back in time and play a classic game and change history. Babe Ruth with the Cincinnati Reds? Why not? The sky is the limit with this great game. You can also create your own fictional baseball league with tons of options.

Online play is something I have just started this season and I have to say, it is a lot of fun. You get to play against other great fans of the game and learn a lot from each and every one of them. Like I said before, you learn very quickly who you should trade and who you shouldn’t. (I traded Buster Posey for scraps and almost got run out-of-town.) With most games there are secrets to learn and OOTP 14 online is the same. You find out very quickly who to deal with and who not to. I have had the pleasure of being in some great leagues with a lot of very helpful players. My word of advice to those wanting to try online play, don’t let them push you around, stand your ground and most of all, have fun playing the game. There are many great online leagues out there right now with tons of great players from all around the World. Here is an example of an online league; Championship League Baseball

The creators of Out of the Park Developments (OOTP 14) have given me a OOTP 14 serial number to give away and I thought long and hard about what I would do in order to make this fun and thought what better way then to ask my readers to play a game with me;

Since the trade deadline is upon us and many Reds fans are very upset with the fact that Walt Jocketty has not made any moves to make the team better. What one trade would you make if you were Cincinnati Reds general manager Walt Jocketty? You are allowed one trade, who would it be and why? I will make it fun and make the deadline July 31, 2013. Get your trades in before July 31 and get a chance to win a OOTP 14 serial number to play this great game.

Walt Jocketty

RULES: Have fun with your trade, the more detail the better. Post your one trade and info in the comments of this blog post. Please include your twitter name in your post so then I can get in contact with you if you win. [ Follow me at 2r2dblog ]
Out of the Park Developments (OOTP 14) are just supplying the serial number as a prize, they are not deciding the winner, I am. So you can not complain to the company if you do not win. — I just love adding stupid stuff like this… Hint, I am just having fun with this so the best way to win is to just have fun and be creative with your trade.

I will post on the blog after July 31 who won and it will be posted on twitter also, so keep checking the blog and twitter to find out who wins.

I would like to thank OOTP 14 for this great offer and I hope to talk more with them in the future.

Go Reds!!!


  1. kidscas

    Three Team Trade Between Reds, Indians, Royals

    Reds receive: Alex Gordon, Matt Albers, Jose Ramirez
    Reds send: Billy Hamilton, Yorman Rodriguez, Dan Langfield, Xavier Paul, Sal Romano, Neftali Soto

    Royals send: Alex Gordon
    Royals receive: Billy Hamilton, Xavier Paul, Sal Romano, Neftali Soto

    Indians send: Matt Albers, Jose Ramirez
    Indians receive: Yorman Rodriguez, Dan Langfield

    The reasoning behind the trade:

    It seems to be that the Reds greatest weakness is in left field and the bullpen, as Broxton, Marshall, and Ludwick have hit the DL.

    Gordon supplies a great LF to the Reds, one who is under control through 2015 wiht a 2016 player option, so it wouldn’t just be a rental deal for the Reds. Albers isn’t an elite bullpen piece, but he has had a very nice season this year, and has one of the highest ground ball rates of relievers, which plays very nice in Great American Ball Park. The Reds do give up some very nice prospect talent, but with Gordon and Bruce they would have their corner outfielders of the future, and last years draft pick Jesse Winker should eventually become the CF. Paul would likely be moved off the roster for Gordon, so sending him to the Royals, where he may have a chance to play every day, is a sneaky nice value move. Yorman Rodriguez is a high upside guy, but hasn’t showed any signs of getting there. Langfield hasn’t played at all this year, but is a nice prospect. Romano looks like he could be a future 3/4/5 starter, something the Royals may be looking for.

    The Royals, as they are likely out of contention this year, get 2 good prospects and a nice replacement for Gordon. Hamilton has ridiculous speed, and is close to MLB ready. Romano like mentioned before is a nice SP prospect. The Indians have a strong bullpen, and would likely give up Albers if the return was nice enough. Jose Ramirez is a interesting 2B prospect who is onlt 5′ 9″, so he draws comps to Jose Altuve. The Indians get 2 very nice prospects in return.

  2. 2r2d

    Great start guys, please remember to add your twitter name in the posts so I can follow you and keep you posted on twitter of the winner. Thanks, keep them coming.

  3. Sean Kristian Miller (@redcomet37)

    Twitter Handle is @Redcomet37

    The Reds trade SS Zach Cozart, 1B Prospect Neftali Soto (AAA), 2B Prospect Ryan Wright (A-Adv), and a conditional PTBNL to White Sox for SS Alexei Ramirez, RP Jesse Crain, as well as Cash to cover Alexei Ramirez’s salary or the White Sox eating some of the salary.

    Ramirez would not only be a clear upgrade over Cozart not only Defensively at SS, but in the 2 hole as well. Ramirez is the better contact hitter, you really aren’t replacing much in walks but the ability to hit behind Shin-Soo Choo is key. Both Soto and Wright are clearly blocked with both Votto and Phillips are locked into long term deals. I considered Henry Rodriguez being included, but considering his stats currently at AAA, he may be traded later on, or may be kept for use as a Super Utility player, which is what the Reds see him right now.

    Jesse Crain is the interesting part. He would be for the conditional PTBNL, the condition being of course that Crain pitches again this season, and if he does, how many games and how well in those games. Crain’s stats before he went on the DL suggests dominante 7th/8th inning stuff to get to Chapman and Broxton when Dusty wants to give Chapman the night off. The key of this part is that he pitches well when and if he comes off the DL.

    This trade also works out for the White Sox as well. They get a ML SS to replace Ramirez who is plenty cheaper, with much more control past when Ramirez’s contract expires. Also, with the possibility of losing Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn not so sure handed at 1B, the White Sox get a quality 1B prospect in Soto who if shapes up to what he can be should turn into a nice 25+ HR 90+ RBI guy for the future. Wright also gives them a quality 2B prospect, which is something that the White Sox have been missing since their World Series run in 2005.

    The overall key to this trade however is how much cash the White Sox offer or how much salary they agree to take on. He is currently in the 2nd year of a 4 year/ $32.5 Million deal that lasts through 2015 ($7 Million this season, $9.5 and $10 Million in the following years) with a team option for 2016 ($10 Million, $1 Million Buyout). While being somewhat of a team friendly deal, the Reds would obviously love with the package that they would be giving up for Ramirez for some salary relief in some manner.

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