“nobody is untouchable”

Cincinnati Reds general manager, Walt Jocketty for the first time with the Reds has said something I never thought he would ever say, “nobody is untouchable.” This quote makes me smile big time and hopefully it sends the right message to the players on the Reds. [Source]

This quote is in reference to the rumors of Brandon Phillips being traded. Walt stated that he had not talked to anyone yet but he also said, “nobody is untouchable” which I am sorry to keep repeating it but sounds so good right now. It means they are tired of the crap and are head hunting. 90 wins is not a good enough excuse anymore!

I still think Phillips will be dealt, even with Walt saying he had not talked to anyone. I also think they will be trading other players too this off-season. It should make for a very busy time for the front office and for Reds fans. With the manager spot already filled by Bryan Price, it is time to get ready for the cleaning to begin. I predict things to be happening as soon as they can make moves.

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