Can #reds afford Choo? beat reporter Mark Sheldon wrote in his blog that Cincinnati Reds have not talked to CF Shin-Soo Choo or his agent Scott Boras in a few weeks but they are still trying to get him back. General Manager Walt Jocketty told Sheldon on the phone that “I had one conversation with [agent Scott] Boras a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t done anything since then because of holidays and things going on.”

I have read that many reporters and baseball minds think there is no way the Reds can afford Choo even if they do get rid of Brandon Phillips and his contract. The money and years wanted is just to much for the Reds to handle unless Ownership is willing to hand over more money, which a lot of people can not see happening.

As I stated before, it seems like Walt Jocketty is focusing more on offense then defense so I can see a few more players who lack defense but are great hitters joining the team very soon.

Shin-Soo Choo Rumors on twitter:

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