Who goes first? Phillips or Jocketty? #reds

There are rumors now that Cincinnati Reds 2B Brandon Phillips will most likely stay with the Reds this season. Other teams are saying they had the feeling Ownership wanted him gone more then the front office. Which means to me, Walt Jocketty will not be with the Reds next season if he does not trade Brandon Phillips this off-season. I have always thought Walt Jocketty was skating on thin ice after last season and now with this he might have to pack his bags. There are lots of fans that do not want to see Brandon Phillips traded and I agree but when the owner says something you should listen. So, who do you think will be gone first? Walt Jocketty or Brandon Phillips? I say Walt Jocketty will be gone first then once a new general manager is in, Brandon Phillips will be soon to follow. It is going to happen whether you like it or not and I have the feeling once Reds Owner, Robert H. Castellini reads or hears about these rumors Walt Jocketty will have some serious explaining to do and I don’t think “I am not going to make a move just to make a move” is going to cut it this time.

I also found out through twitter that the coaches will be announced today. This is very good news and hopefully this will get the ball rolling on trades and free agent signings that still need to be done.

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