#Reds lose 6-1 (Photos and Highlights)

Cincinnati Reds lost another one to the Dodgers tonight, 6-1. It was a little tougher to watch this game then last night’s. There were some sloppy plays in the field and guys were struggling at the plate too. Not to mention some scary moments when Zach Cozart (1-3) got hit in the head by a pitch and Devin Mesoraco (2-4) looked like he pulled something while running to first. Billy Hamilton went 2 for 5. Joey Votto (1-3) is back and hopefully that will get the team hitting again very soon.

Leake nabs Ramirez
LAD@CIN: Leake picks off Ramirez at first

Ethier’s RBI double
LAD@CIN: Ethier lines an RBI double to left

Ball knocks Gordon’s helmet off
LAD@CIN: Gordon knocks his helmet off with a foul

Dodgers’ broadcasters on Welch
LAD@CIN: Dodgers broadcasters discuss Welch’s life

Beckett’s tricky single
LAD@CIN: Beckett fakes a bunt then singles to left

Gordon’s RBI double
LAD@CIN: Gordon slashes an RBI double to left

Ramirez’s two-run single
LAD@CIN: Ramirez grounds a two-run single to right

Cozart gets hit in the helmet
LAD@CIN: Cozart takes a pitch off the helmet

Dodgers win challenge in 6th
LAD@CIN: Dodgers win challenge on force play in 6th

Turner’s RBI single
LAD@CIN: Turner lifts an RBI single to shallow right

Adrian’s RBI double
LAD@CIN: Adrian plates a run with his second double

Cozart’s RBI single
LAD@CIN: Cozart lines an RBI single to left

All photos and videos used are property of MLB.com

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