Lights on: All-Star vote ignores National League 3B WAR leader Todd Frazier

The Toddfather is having a great season!

Under the Nati Lights

Todd Frazier is having a great season and nobody outside of the Queen City is noticing. Frazier isn’t among the top five in voting at third base, despite the fact his 2.6 WAR is the best-to-date in the National League. Frazier’s 15 homers are also first among third basemen on the senior circuit. His 35 RBIs are second.

The top vote-getter, David Wright has a 0.6 WAR, to go along with four homers and 33 RBIs. He’s the only man playing the hot corner to top a million votes in the latest MLB press release.

The insanity that is the MLB fan vote continues.

• How do you describe the 2014 Cincinnati Reds?

They’re a team with talent, but it’s hard to get excited about a club that’s playing under .500.

Cincinnati salvaged Father’s Day by finally beating the Brewers, but all anyone could talk about at the cookout was…

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