Week 11: Cardinals and Pirates move up the power rankings

Reds should be able to push ahead now with main guys back from DL.

Redleg Nation

nl central standings

NL Central Power Rankings Week 11

*please note: all stats outside of team records only include games played through 6/14/14.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (last week: 2):

37-32, 2nd Place, 3.5 GB, 257 RS, 236 RA (+21)

The Cardinals have won 6 of 7, and are starting to look like the team that most expected to win the NL Central.  During their 6 of 7 win streak, they had four shutouts, and allowed just three runs in their six wins.

The pitching in St. Louis has been tremendous all year, and the true strength of the team.  Their team 3.24 ERA is the fourth best in the MLB, and their 1.17 WHIP is tied for second best in the MLB.  Their starting pitchers 3.08 ERA is the second best in the MLB, and their 1.15 WHIP is tied with the Reds for the best in the MLB.

Starting Pitchers this week

cards sp


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