Wins stringing together as Reds’ bats begin showing signs of life

Reds are starting to hit again and it sure is great to see them having fun playing the game. Keep it going!!!

Chad & Sam Sports Hour

If you’re a Reds’ you are more than aware of their offense that seemed to be on life support. Well it June 18th and it seems as if the offense has finally removed itself from life support and can help support their pitchers. As I’m typing this the Reds are leading the Pirates after having scored 9 runs so far, an amount I could never imagine their offense scoring about a week or so ago.

UPDATE: The Reds just won 11-4 . Over the last 7 games the Reds have now scored 47 runs over their last 7 games (6.7 rpg) which has resulted in a 6-1 record in those games.  The Reds offense scored a total of 28 runs in the 9 games  (3.11 rpg) before this current 7-game stretch. During that time they racked up a 4-5 record.  What makes this offensive spurt even better…

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