Could the #Reds be one of the “very unlikely” teams going after Yasmany Tomas?

There were rumors today that Yasmany Tomas has a few teams very interested in signing him. Usually when a player like this is mentioned I ignore it and move on, because I am a Reds fan and I know there is no way someone like Tomas would be brought to the Reds. Walt Jocketty would never go after a player like this, right? Well, today for some strange reason I ignored my hunch and thought I would dream a little after reading Latest On Yasmany Tomas

Could the Reds be one of the Dark horses? As a Reds fan when ever I see “Very unlikely” teams I think they are talking about my team. Walt Jocketty has a very small window of opportunity this season due to many players’ contracts. I know deep down there is no way, but as a baseball fan it sure is nice to dream that something like this is possible for your team. Even when reporters shoot it down right away you still want to have a little hope that they are wrong for once.


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