They are ALIVE!!!! #Reds front office did something… Rule 5 Draft / 40 man roster full

Just when Reds fans thought the whole Reds front office went on holidays they go and make a move! Nothing like being one of the last teams out of the gate on getting ready for the Rule 5 Draft, but I am happy to see something was done. Both of these young players are important pieces in the Reds future.

Stanton Marlins deal / Votto Reds deal quote

I have found another quote about the Stanton deal with Miami and the Reds / Votto deal. I don’t have much to add to this but that I still think Joey Votto will turn it around and make the most out of that deal. But as a fan we just have to look at these huge deals and shake our heads. Not many usually turn out great for the team or more importantly, the fans.

“Stanton turned 25 earlier this month. If, against the odds, he plays out the contract as it’s currently structured, he’ll be 37 when it ends. Compare that to other mega-contract ending ages: Alex Rodriguez will have turned 42 by the close of his current 10-year contract. The Angels will be paying Albert Pujols through his age-41 season. Robinson Cano and Miguel Cabrera will be 40 in the final guaranteed seasons of their deals, and Joey Votto will have turned 40 before the Reds’ obligation is up. Stanton signed the longest contract ever, and he’ll still be significantly younger when it’s over than the players you probably thought of when you mentally compared Stanton’s contract with others of a certain size.” Source

“This Stanton deal makes the #Reds and Mariners look like Walmart greeters.”

Cincinnati Reds are still holding all of their off-season secrets very close to their vests. Which, as a Reds fan we have gotten very used to over the past few years. So when someone mentions the Reds in the news I am usually all over it, because let’s be bluntly honest, there is not much really going on with the Reds this off-season. Even the rumors are blah! I was searching through articles and found something that amused me so I thought I would share it.

“clubs have had to gulp and swallow hard just to stomach the idea of $200 million contracts (hello, Cincinnati and Joey Votto, who agreed to $225 million over 10 years, and Seattle and Robinson Cano, who made a deal for $240 million over 10 years). This Stanton deal makes the Reds and Mariners look like Walmart greeters.” Source

And that my friends is how slow the Reds off-season is right now. Come on Walt, do something crazy! Show these guys the Reds are not Walmart greeters!

Please forgive me #Reds fans [Tweets about MLB]

I feel I must apologize to all of the #Reds fans that follow me on twitter. Lately I have been re-tweeting and tweeting about all MLB transactions this off-season. And to tell you the honest truth, it is all because the past few off-seasons I have not really had much to tweet about with Reds transactions. GM Walt Jocketty has kept his moves (if any) close to his vest for so many seasons, I can’t even run with a dream story and try to get Reds fans hopes up without every one (myself included) saying ‘Ya, Right!’ We all know even a player like Nori Aoki is not on the Reds radar, even after reporters saying ‘Walt said…’ I would not be surprised if in the next month Jocketty tells reporters they are going to look internally for a LF bat, coughHeiseycough.

Now, please don’t read into this as me being upset with the Reds. That is not true. I understand how it works and some deals just can’t get done, no matter how good you are. I just wish Walt and the front office would do something to show us they are even in the office! And this is not the first time I have wrote this. It seems every off-season I write the comments ‘Is Walt even in the office?’ or ‘Why do the Reds even send guys to the Winter Meetings?’ And I know I am not being fair to these hard working employs who do a lot of behind the scenes work that I will never know about as a fan and for that I am sorry. But, wow! This is another very slow off-season for the Reds.

So to get back on track, thank you to those that are following me on twitter and for not getting upset that I am not tweeting about the Reds. Trust me, if there was news about the Reds I would be all over it and tweeting about it like crazy. But until then, you will see tweets like:

And if you are one of those people that say, ‘You should go looking for the stories about the Reds like a good reporter would.’ I am not a reporter, I am just a fan who likes to read rumors and watch teams go crazy during the off-season along with the fun of watching all of those transactions take shape during the season.

Every #Reds fan should read this… Evaluating the Prospects: Cincinnati Reds

Evaluating the Prospects: Cincinnati Reds

Every Reds fan should check this article out. It is always good to know who is on the farm system especially after the injury prone season the Reds had. There are some great young players listed in this write up so please take some time and check it out.

Could the #Reds be one of the “very unlikely” teams going after Yasmany Tomas?

There were rumors today that Yasmany Tomas has a few teams very interested in signing him. Usually when a player like this is mentioned I ignore it and move on, because I am a Reds fan and I know there is no way someone like Tomas would be brought to the Reds. Walt Jocketty would never go after a player like this, right? Well, today for some strange reason I ignored my hunch and thought I would dream a little after reading Latest On Yasmany Tomas

Could the Reds be one of the Dark horses? As a Reds fan when ever I see “Very unlikely” teams I think they are talking about my team. Walt Jocketty has a very small window of opportunity this season due to many players’ contracts. I know deep down there is no way, but as a baseball fan it sure is nice to dream that something like this is possible for your team. Even when reporters shoot it down right away you still want to have a little hope that they are wrong for once.

#Reds Hamilton and Negron ranked high WAR/pos 2014 Rookies

I did a 2014 Rookies WAR / pos search today and found Billy Hamilton and Kristopher Negron. Hamilton I expected to see. Negron was a shocker but after watching him play and reading rumors of the Reds wanting him on the roster next season I can see why now.

Rk                Name Yrs From   To WAR/pos   G  AB  R   H HR RBI SB CS   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS       Debut Age
1           Jose Abreu   1 2014 2014     5.5 145 556 80 176 36 107  3  1 .317 .383 .581 .964 Mar 31 2014  27
2        Danny Santana   1 2014 2014     3.9 101 405 70 129  7  40 20  4 .319 .353 .472 .824  May 5 2014  23
3       Ender Inciarte   1 2014 2014     3.7 118 418 54 116  4  27 19  3 .278 .318 .359 .677  May 2 2014  23
4      Kevin Kiermaier   2 2013 2014     3.7 109 331 35  87 10  35  5  4 .263 .315 .450 .765 Sep 30 2013  24
5       Billy Hamilton   2 2013 2014     3.2 165 582 81 148  6  49 69 24 .254 .297 .359 .656  Sep 3 2013  23
6    Kristopher Negron   2 2012 2014     2.2  53 148 21  40  6  17  5  0 .270 .333 .473 .806  Jun 7 2012  28
7         Chris Owings   2 2013 2014     2.2 111 365 39  97  6  31 10  1 .266 .309 .403 .712  Sep 3 2013  22
8         Mookie Betts   1 2014 2014     2.1  52 189 34  55  5  18  7  3 .291 .368 .444 .812 Jun 29 2014  21
9         Jose Ramirez   2 2013 2014     2.0  83 249 32  66  2  17 10  2 .265 .307 .353 .661  Sep 1 2013  21
10     George Springer   1 2014 2014     2.0  78 295 45  68 20  51  5  2 .231 .336 .468 .804 Apr 16 2014  24

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#Reds Mat Latos vs. #Pirates Jeff Locke 07.11.2014

Cincinnati Reds are looking for RHP Mat Latos to come up big in the game vs. Pittsburgh Pirates tonight. Reds have been suffering from even more injuries lately and really need a push of good luck before the All-Star break.

Pirates vs Reds

Mat Latos 55 | P
2 – 1 ERA 2.41

Jeff Locke 49 | P
2 – 1 ERA 3.08

Welcome to the game Heisey! #Reds

Cincinnati Reds Chris Heisey made a great catch to start the game today!

Heisey’s leaping catch

CHC@CIN: Heisey makes impressive catch to start game