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Ryan Hanigan traded

Cincinnati Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan was traded to Tampa Bay Rays in a three team trade today. Reds get LHP prospect David Holmberg from Arizona Diamondbacks. Source I personally hate to see Ryan Hanigan go because he did a great job with the pitchers. In my mind it looks like Walt Jocketty is focusing more on offense the defense now and this could mean Brandon Phillips is next.

Will Paul Janish be traded?

With word out that Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty is looking for a veteran SS/INF to help play with Zack Cozart in 2012 it makes me wonder if Paul Janish will be part of a trade for a starting pitcher.

Paul Janish was drafted by Cincinnati in the 5th round of the 2004 amateur draft. his debut was on May 14, 2008. With four seasons played for the Reds he has a .221 BA, .289 OBP and .302 SLG. Which might not be to pleasing to other GM’s but his fielding should take any doubts away very quickly. 283 games at SS he has a .981 Fld%, 145 DP and 4.69 RF / 9 with only 20 errors.

He played 114 games for the Reds in 2011 with a .214 BA, .259 OBP and a .262 SLG. Not known for his hitting that does not surprise me. He was 1st with 14 Total Zone Runs as SS in 2011 and has 26 to put him 15th for active players overall and 59th for career which will only get better as he plays more. I for one would hate to see him traded. I liked watching him play SS. His Range Factor / 9Inn as SS was 4.63 to get him 4th in 2011.

If the Reds are thinking about trading Janish away I for one will be watching him play on that other team for sure. Like I said before I loved watching him play SS. He has never been good at hitting but I would rather see him in the batters box than Drew Stubbs right now and if they are thinking about trading him I really hope he goes to an American League team. I would hate to see him playing in the National League against the Reds turning double plays like crazy. I would love to see him play with Orlando Hudson but that would not be good for the Reds.

Over his career he has hit well in some ball parks. I thought I would list them here just to get an idea of where he might like to go play if he was traded. Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field he has gone 13 for 42, getting a .310 BA. Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park he has hit 10 times out of 30 at bats getting a .333 BA. New York Mets, Citi Field has seen him go 2 for 6 with a .333 BA. Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field he has gone 9 for 20 with a .450 BA and one that might be a good fit for both the Reds and Janish is Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Center he has got 3 hits for 7 at bats giving him a .429 BA. Of course it is hard to say he will keep hitting well in those ball parks if he went there but it is something to think about. Many people have said that if a player can not hit in Great American Ball Park they can not hit anywhere else, I really hope that is not true. I would love to see Paul Janish get his hitting in the .240 BA range and then just watch him get golden gloves at SS every year. I personally would rather watch Paul Janish than Jose Reyes in the field but I might be the only one out there that says that.

One thing that might make Paul Janish a good trade for many teams is that he is not an expensive great fielding SS. They will not break the bank if they do trade a veteran SP for him and some other prospects. I really hope I am wrong with this and Paul Janish stays on the Reds for 2012 but with Jocketty telling Mark Sheldon they are looking for a SS/INF it really made me wonder what would happen to Janish.

Future Star: David Nick

I got a chance to watch the Arizona Fall League Championship game to see the future of Major League Baseball. One player that really caught my attention was David Nick who played for the Salt River Rafters representing Arizona Diamonbacks.

David went 2 for 5 in the game with one triple, 3 RBIs and one run to help the Rafters win the game 9 – 3 over Surprise Saguaros.

David Nick was drafted by the Arizona Diamonbacks in the 4th round of the 2009 MLB June Amateur Draft. At age 19 in his first season he played 66 games for Missoula Osprey in the Pioneer League. He got a .286 average with a .350 OBP scoring 46 runs. 2010 he played for South Bend Silver Hawks in the Midwest League getting a .251 batting average in 128 games. In 2011 at 21 years old he played for Visalia Rawhide in the California League. He played in 132 games and finished with .300 BA, .342 OBP and .449 SLG scoring 99 runs and getting 13 homeruns. And of course in the Arizona Fall League for Salt River Rafters he finished with .298 BA, .352 OBP, .405 SLG and a .756 OPS scoring 13 runs and getting 25 hits with 84 at bats.

Of course many will say it is still way to early to tell how well this kid will do in Major League Baseball but I think he will do very well if he keeps doing what he did in 2011. After watching him play in the League Championship for the Arizona Fall League I will keep my eye on his future to see how well he does in 2012 and hopefully many more years to come.

David Nick’s AFL stats