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I laughed so hard I just had to share

I was checking out ESPN rumors just now and saw an article that made me bust out laughing. I just had to share with you all.

“With the deals for Joey Votto and now Phillips, one has to wonder how much more money the team can spend on extensions or free agency. Jay Bruce is taken care of for a few years, but center fielder Drew Stubbs and right-hander Mat Latos will be arbitration eligible after 2012, as will Homer Bailey for the second time. How much more money is in that wallet?” — [Source – Jason A. Churchill]

What is so funny about that? Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey!!! I am sorry but if these two dudes are expecting any kind of pay-day EVER they both need to pull up their socks and really start playing ball. Now Mat Latos is a different story. If this kid is as good as many say, it might be hard to keep him on the team but I am sure the front office will work something out when that time comes.


People are starting to come around

I have noticed lately that people are starting to realize that Cincinnati Reds have a pretty good team this offseason. Especially after all of the moves that they have made. I think it is starting to sink in for some that St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers will have a lot more challenges this season then they did in 2011 and that the Reds are better equipped as they head into Spring Training. I personally can not wait until the start of the season. With everything that has happened this offseason, it will be very interesting to see what teams do well and which ones suffer. Will the National League be in trouble now that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder are gone? Will Joey Votto be a lock for 1B in every all-star game for many years to come now? Will Reds fans finally realize that the Josh Hamilton trade was actually a good move by the Reds? Ha ha, the last one I just had to throw in there. I just read today that Hamilton had a relapse with alcohol and that he is still looking for a new buddy to help him stay sober for this new season. [Source – ESPN]