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I found myself amazed when the Hall Of Fame announcement came in today that Barry Larkin got voted in. I knew he would but still found myself fist pumping and screaming in joy when the announcement came out. I remember watching Barry Larkin playing and how amazing of a player he was on and off the field. A lot of childhood memories came back today and it was a lot of fun.

Now that all is said and done I find myself a bigger fan of baseball then I was earlier today. A player like Barry Larkin got more votes over some players that in my time were “Gods” in the eyes of some of my fellow fans. I might have to explain a bit before I go on, I grew up mostly in the steroid era of baseball when many players used or were “accused” of using PEDs. I remember most of these players before they used and saw what happened after, so to see Barry Larkin get voted in today brought on a great enjoyment for the sport all over again. A pure player like Barry Larkin beat out these players that had an “edge” over the rest. A great day for baseball!

Larkin was a great player to watch play the game and I wish there were more players like him today. Cincinnati Reds now have something to build on before they even start the 2012 season and I really hope this gives them the boost they need to win over 100 games.

Watching Eric Davis talk about his fellow team-mate get into the Hall of Fame was amazing. The thing that really got me happy to be a Reds fan though was when Sean Casey came on to talk about it. In that short period of time that he talked He was not a former baseball player who played with Larkin, he was a fan just like you and I and it was “awesome!”

The Reds are far from over with getting players into the Hall Of Fame. There are many on the team right now that will one day share the same honor Barry Larkin did today and I can’t wait to see what is said by their peers and fans.

So once again, congratulations to Barry Larkin. I have always been a huge fan and what you did on the field in a “tainted” time is a big reason I became a Cincinnati Reds fan in the first place. You, truly deserve to be there.

Barry Larkin in Hall of Fame

Barry Larkin Hall Of Fame
I was not the first, nor will I be the last to write about Barry Larkin getting into the Hall of Fame. I never had a post ready to post when the news came in so I have to be honest and tell you, I am writing this while I listen to Barry Larkin talk about getting into the Hall of Fame. Cincinnati Reds are going to have a great year in 2012 and this is just the start.

One great moment right now is watching Eric Davis talk to Barry Larkin. Two great players in Reds history sharing in a wonderful moment.

As a reds fans for many years and a person that can say I watched Barry Larkin start and finish his career in Cincinnati. Thank you Barry for great memories and congratulations on getting into the Hall of Fame.

Barry Larkin 5 for 5

Barry Larkin went 5 for 5 on Saturday, June 24, 2000, at Cinergy Field against San Diego Padres. Matt Clement started that day for the Padres. Brandon Kolb and Carlos Almanzar also pitched for San Diego that day. The Reds went on to win that game 11 to 5. Ron Villone got the win and Elmer Dessens got the save.

Batting 2nd that day in the batting order, Larkin went on to hit 5 times with 2 home runs, 4 RBIs and 4 runs. Pokey Reese, Ken Griffey, Dante Bichette, Dmitri Young, Sean Casey, Aaron Boone and Ed Taubensee were in the starting lineup that day with Larkin.

Of course we all know that Barry Larkin is a very hot topic right now and many Reds fans want to know if he will be voted into the Hall of Fame. I would love to see Larkin in the Hall of Fame this year because I remember seeing him play when I first started off as a Reds fan. He is one of the reasons I am a Reds fan. He is up against some top players all deserving to be in the Hall of Fame but as a Reds fan I really hope Barry Larkin gets in this year, it will give Reds fans even more to cheer for in 2012. For more information about the 2012 Hall of Fame results check out Better Off Red.

Barry Larkin going 5 for 5 on the Cincinnati Reds.

Date          Tm Opp   Rslt AB R H HR RBI
2000-06-24   CIN SDP W 11-5  5 4 5  2   4

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