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#Reds Home Runs in April 2013

I was checking out a website today and thought it would be fun to share Cincinnati Reds home runs for April 2013. The links go directly to the videos and the link below them goes to the website I found the information. Have fun checking them all out.

1. Phillip’s three-run homer
2. Choo’s solo shot
3. Frazier’s solo blast
4. Heisey’s two-run shot
5. Cozart’s solo blast
6. Frazier’s solo shot
7. Cozart’s second homer
8. Choo’s reviewed homer
9. Frazier’s second homer
10. Paul’s grand slam
11. Choo’s solo homer
12. Phillips’ solo homer
13. Phillips’ solo homer
14. Phillips’ two-run home run
15. Cozart’s solo homer
16. Votto’s first homer of 2013
17. Frazier’s solo homer
18. Cozart’s two-run homer
19. Frazier’s two-run homer
20. Votto’s solo homer
21. Votto’s solo homer
22. Bruce’s solo tater
23. Heisey’s solo homer
24. Frazier’s solo homer
25. Votto’s solo homer
26. Choo’s solo homer

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#Reds April 2012 home runs

In April 2012, Cincinnati Reds hit 19 home runs. Here is the break down and links to see how good they really were.

Yr#         Date           Batter Opp            Pitcher
1     2012-04-05        Jay Bruce MIA      Edward Mujica
2     2012-04-07       Joey Votto MIA      Ricky Nolasco
3     2012-04-07      Zack Cozart MIA      Ricky Nolasco
4     2012-04-08        Jay Bruce MIA    Carlos Zambrano
5     2012-04-08        Jay Bruce MIA         Heath Bell
6     2012-04-15     Ryan Ludwick WSN      Ross Detwiler
7     2012-04-19 Brandon Phillips STL    Adam Wainwright
8     2012-04-19     Ryan Ludwick STL    Adam Wainwright
9     2012-04-19      Drew Stubbs STL       Victor Marte
10    2012-04-24 Brandon Phillips SFG          Matt Cain
11    2012-04-24     Ryan Ludwick SFG          Matt Cain
12    2012-04-25      Scott Rolen SFG         Barry Zito
13    2012-04-26        Jay Bruce SFG     Ryan Vogelsong
14    2012-04-26      Scott Rolen SFG     Guillermo Mota
15    2012-04-27        Jay Bruce HOU      Fernando Abad
16    2012-04-27   Devin Mesoraco HOU      Fernando Abad
17    2012-04-28        Jay Bruce HOU      Lucas Harrell
18    2012-04-29       Joey Votto HOU       Jordan Lyles
19    2012-04-29        Jay Bruce HOU Fernando Rodriguez

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Bruce’s solo blast 2012-04-05

Votto’s two-run homer 2012-04-07

Cozart’s solo homer 2012-04-07

Bruce’s solo shot 2012-04-08

Bruce’s second homer of the day 2012-04-08

Ludwick’s grand slam 2012-04-15

Phillips’ solo jack 2012-04-19

Ludwick’s two-run shot 2012-04-19

Stubb’s solo dinger 2012-04-19

Phillips’ two-run dinger 2012-04-24

Ludwick’s solo shot 2012-04-24

Rolen’s solo dinger 2012-04-25

Bruce’s two-run blast 2012-04-26

Rolen’s solo homer 2012-04-26

Bruce’s solo shot 2012-04-27

Mesoraco goes back-to-back 2012-04-27

Bruce’s two-run home run 2012-04-28

Votto’s two-run blast 2012-04-29

Bruce’s go-ahead homer 2012-04-29

Blast after blast after blast (Do you remember?)

May 21, 2012 (Braves 1 at Reds 4)

Mike Leake, Zack Cozart and Drew Stubbs hit back to back to back home runs against the Braves to win 4 to 1. I remember watching this game and feeling that this season was going to be something special.

Leake’s first career homer

Cozart’s back-to-back jack

Stubbs goes back-to-back-to-back