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Ryan Madson and Cincinnati Reds

Some people think Ryan Madson is an option for the Cincinnati Reds. I am one of those fans that really hope Walt Jocketty and the Reds front office either re-sign Francisco Cordero or go with in-house options. Ryan Madson is rumored to be looking for a one year deal and there are only two teams that really are good suitors for him right now. The Reds and Los Angeles Angels. [Source]

In 8 games (8 IP) Madson has given up 4 home runs in Great American Ball Park. I really don’t think he is the kind of closer the Reds need right now. Even if it is for only one year this deal just does not work for the Reds. Cordero at 2 years would make a lot more sense for the team since they already know he is durable and can pitch well in GABP.

There is no doubt that Ryan Madson is a great pitcher and with some of the National League Central teams he has a great ERA, but as we all know judging relief pitchers off of ERA is not always the best way to do it. I was more interested in how many home runs he gave up. I really hope Madson is not a real option that the Reds are looking into and I wish a reporter close to the Reds would finally ask Walt Jocketty about it so then we could crush this rumor before it gets worse. If Cordero does not re-sign I really think they will go with in-house guys like Walt said. Now don’t get me wrong, having Madson on the team would be nice but maybe as setup man with Sean Marshall for closer Cordero. But, I really doubt the Reds would have money for that because Madson’s agent is Scott Boras and we all know Boras loves to get big bucks for his guys. With that said, I think the Reds would save money by re-signing Cordero for 2 or 3 years.

Career numbers for Ryan Madson at Great American Ball Park.

               Split W L  ERA G  IP  H ER HR  WHIP
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88 8 8.0 10  7  4 1.500

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Career numbers for Ryan Madson in National League Central Ball Parks.

               Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR SO  WHIP
     CHC-Wrigley Fld 0 1 5.68  9  1  6.1  7  4  2  7 1.421
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88  8  3  8.0 10  7  4  8 1.500
    HOU-MinuteMaidPk 0 1 4.15  9  0  8.2 12  4  1  8 1.615
       MIL-Miller Pk 0 1 1.42  8  3  6.1  7  1  0  5 1.579
          PIT-PNC Pk 1 1 4.50  6  0  8.0  9  4  2  6 1.250
    STL-Busch Stad 3 0 0 1.93 11  0 14.0  8  3  2 10 0.929

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Career numbers for Ryan Madson vs. National League Central teams.

                  Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR  WHIP
           Chicago Cubs 1 1 5.51 20  2 16.1 20 10  4 1.531
        Cincinnati Reds 4 4 6.99 24  3 28.1 33 22  7 1.412
         Houston Astros 0 3 4.15 21  1 21.2 25 10  2 1.292
      Milwaukee Brewers 3 1 1.74 18  4 20.2 19  4  1 1.258
     Pittsburgh Pirates 2 1 2.08 14  2 17.1 15  4  2 0.923
    St. Louis Cardinals 1 1 1.72 22  0 31.1 19  6  2 0.830

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Moves that helped the Reds

Here is a list of moves so far this offseason that have helped the Cincinnati Reds for the 2012 season. Some of the moves were not even done by the Reds.

I think Corky Miller will be a big help in 2012 and see him playing in quite a few games. The Reds were very lucky last season with healthy catchers. I am not sure if that will be the case in 2012. Sure, he is not a great hitter in the big leagues right now but he can call a great game and is a veteran player that can really help out the club when needed. I still see him as being a coach / manager for the Reds one day. I hope to see him and Sam LeCure in Reds jerseys for many more years.

  • Albert Pujols signs with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim leaving the National League Central.

This is a huge move that will help the Reds out big time in 2012. Although the St. Louis Cardinals are still a top team in the National League, they just are not as dangerous to face anymore. They just recently signed Carlos Beltran but I am afraid he might still be very injury prone along with the fact that they have a new manager who might have a tough time keeping the team motivated all season long.

This suspension will be a big turning point in Milwaukee Brewers season. Along with losing Prince Fielder and the team going back to signing good fielding shortstops instead of good hitting ones this should help the Reds keep ahead of them in the standings all season long.

There are still a lot of people out there that think the Reds overpaid for this great young starter but only time will tell when it comes to prospects. I think having Mat Latos in the starting rotation will really help the team out in 2012.

This trade is still on the table and no one really knows who the two minor league players are. Once the smoke clears though, I see this as being a huge trade for the Reds. Not only did they get a tough relief pitcher away from a division rival but they added an inning eating left-handed setup man, something they were missing last season. The Cubs have been reported to be in a total clean up situation this offseason and might even move more players. Then again, there are also some rumors that they are trying to sign Prince Fielder but I really don’t see this as being a big problem for the Reds. Prince Fielder is a deadly hitter but not as deadly when he doesn’t have Ryan Braun and the rest of the Brewers with him. I am still hoping Prince signs with a team out of the Central but if the Cubs do get him I am not going to lose much sleep over it.

Cardinals still don’t scare me

St. Louis Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran today and I still don’t think that is enough to help them win another World Series. Sure, a two-year deal for Beltran instead of a ten-year deal with Albert Pujols might be smart to some fans but they are really going to miss The Machine when the 2012 season starts. If this is their solution for when Pujols signed with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim the Reds really don’t have a lot to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a tough team but without Pujols and Tony LaRussa they are not as scary as they once were.

Beltran vs. the Cincinnati Reds is actually a joke compared to Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

Carlos Beltran career vs. Cincinnati Reds

              Split  G  AB  R  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 47 180 32 48 10  44 27 32 .267 .360 .533 .894

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Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

              Split   G  AB   R   H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG   OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 172 652 146 228 46 143 92 52 .350 .430 .641 1.072

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