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Ryan Madson and Cincinnati Reds

Some people think Ryan Madson is an option for the Cincinnati Reds. I am one of those fans that really hope Walt Jocketty and the Reds front office either re-sign Francisco Cordero or go with in-house options. Ryan Madson is rumored to be looking for a one year deal and there are only two teams that really are good suitors for him right now. The Reds and Los Angeles Angels. [Source]

In 8 games (8 IP) Madson has given up 4 home runs in Great American Ball Park. I really don’t think he is the kind of closer the Reds need right now. Even if it is for only one year this deal just does not work for the Reds. Cordero at 2 years would make a lot more sense for the team since they already know he is durable and can pitch well in GABP.

There is no doubt that Ryan Madson is a great pitcher and with some of the National League Central teams he has a great ERA, but as we all know judging relief pitchers off of ERA is not always the best way to do it. I was more interested in how many home runs he gave up. I really hope Madson is not a real option that the Reds are looking into and I wish a reporter close to the Reds would finally ask Walt Jocketty about it so then we could crush this rumor before it gets worse. If Cordero does not re-sign I really think they will go with in-house guys like Walt said. Now don’t get me wrong, having Madson on the team would be nice but maybe as setup man with Sean Marshall for closer Cordero. But, I really doubt the Reds would have money for that because Madson’s agent is Scott Boras and we all know Boras loves to get big bucks for his guys. With that said, I think the Reds would save money by re-signing Cordero for 2 or 3 years.

Career numbers for Ryan Madson at Great American Ball Park.

               Split W L  ERA G  IP  H ER HR  WHIP
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88 8 8.0 10  7  4 1.500

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Generated 12/30/2011.

Career numbers for Ryan Madson in National League Central Ball Parks.

               Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR SO  WHIP
     CHC-Wrigley Fld 0 1 5.68  9  1  6.1  7  4  2  7 1.421
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88  8  3  8.0 10  7  4  8 1.500
    HOU-MinuteMaidPk 0 1 4.15  9  0  8.2 12  4  1  8 1.615
       MIL-Miller Pk 0 1 1.42  8  3  6.1  7  1  0  5 1.579
          PIT-PNC Pk 1 1 4.50  6  0  8.0  9  4  2  6 1.250
    STL-Busch Stad 3 0 0 1.93 11  0 14.0  8  3  2 10 0.929

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Career numbers for Ryan Madson vs. National League Central teams.

                  Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR  WHIP
           Chicago Cubs 1 1 5.51 20  2 16.1 20 10  4 1.531
        Cincinnati Reds 4 4 6.99 24  3 28.1 33 22  7 1.412
         Houston Astros 0 3 4.15 21  1 21.2 25 10  2 1.292
      Milwaukee Brewers 3 1 1.74 18  4 20.2 19  4  1 1.258
     Pittsburgh Pirates 2 1 2.08 14  2 17.1 15  4  2 0.923
    St. Louis Cardinals 1 1 1.72 22  0 31.1 19  6  2 0.830

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Generated 12/30/2011.

Cardinals still don’t scare me

St. Louis Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran today and I still don’t think that is enough to help them win another World Series. Sure, a two-year deal for Beltran instead of a ten-year deal with Albert Pujols might be smart to some fans but they are really going to miss The Machine when the 2012 season starts. If this is their solution for when Pujols signed with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim the Reds really don’t have a lot to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a tough team but without Pujols and Tony LaRussa they are not as scary as they once were.

Beltran vs. the Cincinnati Reds is actually a joke compared to Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

Carlos Beltran career vs. Cincinnati Reds

              Split  G  AB  R  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 47 180 32 48 10  44 27 32 .267 .360 .533 .894

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Generated 12/22/2011.

Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

              Split   G  AB   R   H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG   OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 172 652 146 228 46 143 92 52 .350 .430 .641 1.072

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Generated 12/22/2011.

If only the front office could see into the future

When I look over this list it makes me wonder what if the Cincinnati Reds front office could have seen into the future. Would they have picked differently? One thing to note is that Joey Votto was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2nd round of the 2002 amateur draft.

Boring but smart

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and one theme I am seeing a lot with Reds fans is that people are not happy with the lack of movement this offseason. Walt Jocketty once again is saying he is trying but nothing is happening. It does not surprise me that nothing has been done yet and to tell you the truth I am happy that nothing has been done. It means Walt is not going to give up our prospects for players he feels don’t deserve it. Many of us can point fingers freely and say it is all Walt’s fault or it is all Dusty’s fault but we do not realize that the other teams might be trying to get way too much for a player that really does not deserve it. I would not want to see the Reds trade away Yonder Alonso and one of their catching prospects for someone like Huston Street. I would probably crawl into a snow bank and not come out until it melted.

How about four of the Reds top prospects for Jair Jurrjens? Are you off your meds? I am glad none of these rumors came true, it shows that the front office will not trade away the future for someone who might not even help us for one season. If they want to win this year they will have to make a move but we really need to determine as fans what we want. Do we want them to win one Championship or many of them? I for one would love to see them in the playoffs for many seasons so keeping our young prospects is a very good idea. I don’t think trading three or four of them away in one trade is really a smart move right now. I don’t care if Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez type pitchers are up for trades, I would rather keep our prospects. What if Yonder Alonso does awesome in left field in 2012 and becomes rookie of the year? What if one of the Reds young pitchers goes on to become one of the best closers in baseball because the Reds took a chance and let him play that role? And what if Yasmani Grandal goes on to become another Johnny Bench for the Reds? Do you really want to trade these guys away for one player who will get killed in Great American Ball Park? Don’t get me wrong, if Walt can get one of those types of pitchers for one prospect and other players to be named later than I say go for it, but I really don’t think they could ever get a top of the rotation Ace without giving up most of the farm system.

Being an armchair GM for many years now I must say I am very pleased with how Walt Jocketty is handling this team. I get frustrated sometimes and wish he would make a move but I do understand that holding our players at a certain value and not just sending them away for a player to be named later is not an easy task. Many factors come into play that a lot of us might not understand. We also have to remember that the Reds are not to big into the whole Money Ball idea right now as far as I have read and Walt is going off of what his scouts and staff say. And I really am getting used to not seeing the Reds do much during the offseason. Another great thing about this offseason is that teams in the National League Central are losing their top players while the Reds just sit and watch. They might also be waiting to see where Prince Fielder goes before making any moves at all especially now that the Machine Albert Pujols is gone to the Angels.

If the team finishes below .500 again in 2012 I don’t think fans will have to wait much longer for something to happen. I think Walt and Dusty will be on the ropes and as fans begin to find other things to spend their money on the owners will step in and tell Walt and Dusty to move on. The Reds would then have to hire a whole new front office and that might have Reds fans wishing Walt and Dusty were back.

Another early Christmas gift

Los Angeles Angels made one of my Christmas gifts come early this year when they signed Albert Pujols and got him out of the National League Central Division to help out my favorite baseball team the Cincinnati Reds. Now I am glad to announce that another early gift has fallen into my lap this year. My Cincinnati Reds themed fan blog 2r2d is being featured on MLBlogs. That alone is a great gift, but when I checked it out, I saw that I was right beside Tommy Lasorda’s World. I was giddy like a little school kid for over an hour when I first saw that. I am very honored to be featured on there and happy that people are liking 2r2d. Tommy Lasorda might not ever know who I am but I will never forget him and this great honor will forever be remembered. Thank you MLBlogs.

I have been a Reds fan for many years now and even though I might not ever be able to see a game live because I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, it has never stopped me from cheering just as loud as the hometown fans. I see a lot of promise in the Reds this year and for many to come and I am very proud to be a fan of baseball in general. It is the greatest sport out there and I enjoy watching it (not only Reds games but any game) any chance I can get.

And just for those keeping track, I still have one Christmas gift wish waiting to come true, Prince Fielder out of the Central Division with a big Red bow! If that comes true, this will go down as the best Christmas this Reds fan has ever had.

Albert Pujols and Pete Rose

With lots of people feeling many different kinds of emotions because of Albert Pujols signing with Los Angeles Angels I thought of another player that left a team after being there for many years, Pete Rose.

Pete Edward Rose Sr. signed with Cincinnati Reds as an amateur free agent in 1960. He debuted on Monday, April 8, 1963, at Crosley Field against Pittsburgh Pirates. He batted second in the batting order ahead of Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson and went 0 for 3 with one strike out, one walk and one run scored. He played 2B that day. His final game was on Sunday, August 17, 1986, at Riverfront Stadium against San Diego Padres. He pinch hit for Ron Robinson and went 0 for 1 with one strike out.

At 22 years old I am sure Pete Rose never imagined he would go on to play in Major League Baseball for 24 seasons, 19 of them with Cincinnati Reds.

I don’t know what it was like when he signed as a free agent to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1979 but I am sure Reds fans back then felt pretty much the same way Cardinals fans feel today with Albert Pujols leaving to go to Los Angeles. One thing that might help those fans feel better is; Pete Rose came back to the Reds in 1984 and played a few more years well into his 40s.

So Cardinals fans before you start burning your Albert Pujols jerseys remember that he was a huge part of that ball club for many years and without him your team would not have seen as many great playoff runs and of course even some of the great players that came to play for the Cardinals. Players like Pujols don’t come along every day. Be happy that you got to watch him become the player he is today and that he helped your community for many years. There are many different factors involved into his decision that many of us will never understand. It is not just him wanting more money, (if that was the case he would have clearly signed with Miami.) Another thing that they should be happy about is that he signed with a team in the American League instead of a team in the National League or even worse in their same division.

Pete Rose went on to play until he was 45 years old. Albert is now 31 years old. Many think he will not be able to play until he is 41 but I think with being on an American League team with the DH rule he could do it and then some. Having a player like that last until he was 45 would be unbelievable. Can you imagine his hitting stats at the end? Right now at 31 years old Albert Pujols has 2073 hits after 11 seasons with St. Louis Cardinals. Pete Rose had 4256 hits after 24 seasons. After age 40 he had 5 seasons with 100 or more hits. (172 being the most in 1982) If he can stay healthy there is nothing stopping him from doing what Pete Rose did and I really hope he can play out his 10 year contract with the Angels and maybe even play a few more years after that as a pinch hitter returning to St. Louis Cardinals to finish his career. Many baseball fans think that the Angels made a huge mistake by signing him for a 10 year contract and of course we all know the track record for those lengthy contracts but what if Pujols proves them all wrong. What if he does still hit 38 to 40+ home runs well into his late 30s? In 10 years from now will anyone go on to say how dumb the Cardinals front office was for not signing him sooner before he hit free agency? Or will this 10 year contract be just like the rest? Only time will tell and from where I am standing the Angels walk out of this deal very lucky and I am sure the profits in the first three to four years will gladly pay for the rest of his contract no matter if he plays good or not.

What is the big deal?

Why is Albert Pujols moving to the American League such a big deal to a Cincinnati Reds fan? He was one of the most dangerous hitters to ever face the team that is why.

Over his career playing for St. Louis Cardinals he hit 20 home runs in 266 at bats in Great American Ball Park. He has a .316 BA, .404 OBP and a .598 SLG in GABP. Of course he hit 20 or more home runs in other Central Division teams ball parks too but it took 20 or more games to do it. In Great American Ball Park he hit 20 in 68 games. Against Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field he hit 26 HR in 85 games. Against Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park he hit 24 in 91 games. Pittsburgh Pirates in PNC Park saw him hit 29 home runs in 89 games. The only park he did not hit 20 in was against Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park where he got 19 HR in 81 games. In his career against the Reds, Albert has hit 46 home runs in 172 games.

Now that the Machine is gone to the Angels there is another player that is on my radar this offseason and that is Prince Fielder. Of course Prince has not been around as long as Albert Pujols but having him out of the Central Division in 2012 will really help the Reds out big time.

Prince has also seen the ball very well in Great American Ball Park. In 52 games, 186 at bats he has hit 11 home runs getting a .323 BA, .422 OBP and .581 SLG. Against the Reds in his career Fielder has gotten 22 home runs in 102 games.

This of course shows just a part of the reason why I would like them both out of the National League Central but another big part is what these men do for their teams lineups on those days they are playing. Many players on their teams see a lot more pitches because of them in the game. I think Ryan Braun will not have such a great season in 2012 because of Fielder not batting in the same lineup. And of course the guys on the Cardinals will not be seeing as many good pitches as they used to when Albert was with them. These players will go on to hit well no matter what but they just won’t see the same pitches they once did when these two big boys were batting before or after them in the batting order. The Reds pitchers will have a chance to pitch a little better knowing that they don’t have to face these big bats every time they face that team.

No matter what the Reds front office does or doesn’t do this offseason having Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols go to different teams outside of the Central Division will be a huge factor in how well these teams do in the standings in 2012. Many people still believe St. Louis Cardinals will take the division and I have to disagree. There are way to many factors involved here that make their team completely different from the 2011 team. Their manager and first basemen are just two of those major factors. Will the Brewers really be able to take first without Prince? I highly doubt they will even with the guys they have they still will need that big bat to help out the rest of the lineup. Right now with what deals have been made this offseason, I give Pittsburgh Pirates a better chance of winning than St. Louis or Milwaukee. The Reds of course really need to have an injury free season for their main players in order to make a push for the division and Houston is gearing up for their move to the American League,

There is still a lot left in the offseason and some big moves can still be made to better each team but with Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson off to the Angels and of course Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle going to Miami the teams in the National League Central Division are running low on options.

Our prayers have been answered!

All I can say is, Thank God! With Albert Pujols signing with the Los Angeles Angels it brings all of my attention to Prince Fielder and I really hope he goes off to the American League too. This could turn out to be the most powerful offseason for the Reds ever and they didn’t even have to show up to the winter meetings. The signing of Albert Pujols might not be big to some fans but to me it is, because it takes one big bat away from the Cardinals and helps the Reds get some very well needed wins against them in 2012.

The Reds did not make any moves at all and that was expected. I really did not see them making any moves this week to help the club. Now that Pujols is signed out of the Central division the Reds front office can plan what they want to do in order to keep Joey Votto on the team. This should put re-signing him as the number one priority this offseason and during the season. They really don’t need someone like St. Louis signing Joey Votto when he is a free agent. Pitching should be number two on the list now because we still have a lot of young talent that can help Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto. In a nutshell this really changes everything as to how the Reds should plan their offseason. Even if Prince Fielder goes to Chicago Cubs there will be a huge shift in the teams in the National League Central and the Reds are back into the race without even making a move yet.

Texas-sized deals

The winter meetings are just around the corner and all I can say is, ‘Thank God!’ I don’t know about the rest of you but this offseason has been very boring for me. The most boring offseason in many years. I know that it has not just been boring for us lonely Reds fans, but it has been that way for all of Major League Baseball.

Albert Pujols is still looking for a job. Prince Fielder is using food stamps and there are many others still looking to get paid. I do believe we have a Texas standoff and teams are just waiting for someone to make the first move then it will be like a bomb going off and all of the dominos will fall into place. I expect St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Angels to be big players in the beginning of the winter meetings then I expect all the rest of the teams to follow very quickly.

Imagine it as your first high school dance, at first everyone is sitting on their hands looking up at the ceiling then at the end of the night everyone is having fun dancing and going crazy. Unless of course you were that guy still sitting on your hands at the end of the night (Walt Jocketty of the Reds) then nevermind, nothing will happen.

Sure, the Reds will make some moves, but I really don’t expect them to be of the “Oh my God!” caliber. Small moves to help the club reach .500 this season will most likely be all we see as Reds fans. As long as they don’t trade away all of their future players I will be happy no matter if Jocketty is the first one dancing or the dude still sitting at the end of the night. Hell, I don’t even know if the Reds front office will even go to Texas next week. They might just stay at home and pout because they will not be the prom king or should we say big players at the meetings. Don’t be shocked if you see Walt Jocketty sitting in the corner of the room making paper airplanes while the other teams make moves to better their clubs.

Now don’t get me wrong I respect Walt Jocketty and the others in the front office but I am tired of hearing the famous “we tried” line that is said after every trade deadline and other meetings like this one coming up. I want to wake up and read that the Reds were up front and center during the whole meetings and really making an effort. I want 500 rumors to start right off the bat and don’t let them die off until all the smoke clears. Hell, even if they are just rumors and they don’t actually make one single move I would be happy. At least that would give us something to talk about. It is bad enough that we didn’t make the playoffs this season after such a great start and great finish in 2010 but now we have to hear things like “We will not be looking at free agents this offseason.” Come on Walt, the fans need to hope for something. Don’t crush our dreams at the very start and then expect us to run out and buy season tickets. All I want for Christmas this year is the news that Walt Jocketty did make moves, not “tried” to make moves. Oh and while we are talking about Christmas gifts, I also want Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder to go to American League teams. Thank you Santa.

More rumors to think about

Ryan Hanigan has become the next victim to be brought up in trade rumors for the Cincinnati Reds. It has been reported that Los Angeles Angels are interested in the Reds catcher. I can not see the Reds trading Hanigan away but if they were offered a good deal they might. Some people are suggesting they trade him then re-sign Ramon Hernandez.

Hanigan was signed by the Reds as an amateur free agent in 2002. At 21 years old he started off with the Dayton Dragons in the Midwest League. .273 BA, .333 OBP and a .364 SLG in 6 games. 2003 he played for Dayton again playing in 92 games and getting a .277 BA. He also played one game in AAA for Louisville Bats (International League) that season going 1 for 3. He then played for Potomac Cannons in 2004 getting a .296 BA in 119 games. In 2005 he played for the Chattanooga Lookouts in the Southern League getting a .321 BA in 100 games. He returned to Chattanooga in 2006 playing in 56 games and finishing with a .246 BA. He also played 8 games for Louisville going 2 for 13.

Ryan Hanigan made his major league debut on Sunday, September 9, 2007, at Great American Ball Park. It was the bottom of the 5th inning and the Reds were behind 7 runs when he pinch hit for Kirk Saarloos batting 9th against Ben Sheets. He hit the first pitch he saw for a ground ball double to left field. Norris Hopper then hit a line drive to right field getting Hanigan to 3rd. Jeff Keppinger then hit a weak popfly to SS and Ben Sheets threw a wild pitch to Ken Griffey scoring Hanigan. The Milwaukee Brewers went on to win that game 10 – 5 with Ben Sheets getting the win (12 – 4) and Phil Dumatrait getting the loss. (0 – 4)

Hanigan played 5 games for the Reds in 2007 getting a .300 batting average. He also played 60 games for Chattanooga getting a .299 BA and for Louisville playing in 41 games and getting a .252 BA.

In 2008 he played 75 games for Louisville and got a .324 BA. He also played 31 games for the Reds that season getting a .271 BA. He also has 15 stolen bases against him while throwing out 8, getting 35 CS%.

2009 he came in 2nd with 42.9 Caught Stealing % and 1st for Fielding % as a catcher with .998. With 90 games played he got a .263 BA with 37 walks and 31 strike outs. He also played 5 games in AAA for Louisville going 7 for 18.

In 2010 he played in 13 games for Louisville and went 11 for 46. He also played 70 games for the Reds and went 61 for 203. (.300 BA) He caught 13 and allowed 28 stolen bases.

He had 18 CS and 34 SB as a catcher for the Reds in 2011. Playing in 91 games and going 71 for 266. (.267 BA) getting 35 walks and 32 strike outs.

If he doesn’t get traded this should be his first year as the main catcher for the Reds. With Devin Mesoraco and Yasmani Grandal waiting to get some playing time also. Like I said before, I really can’t see him being traded this offseason but if the Reds get a very good offer they might pull the trigger then have to re-sign Ramon Hernandez or another catcher that will come play for a lower salary. I would love to see Corky Miller get the call up this season but I doubt that will happen.