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New Cincinnati Reds players for 2012

I had fun last night chatting with a friend of mine who does not follow the Cincinnati Reds. She kept asking me what the big deal was this offseason. Of course to many that do not follow Reds news like I do, they don’t know about all of the moves that the Reds and General Manager Walt Jocketty have made this offseason. To Reds fans though, (especially those going to see the 2012 Reds Caravan right now) know exactly what transactions have been made and are very excited about the team and although not all of us see the Reds winning National League Central, everyone must admit, the team sure looks way better now, then it did at the end of the 2011 season.

There are always going to be those fans that say, I will believe it when I see it. And of course there are the fans that still think the Reds should magically increase their payroll so then they can sign better players, then magically release some players that are not doing well. (I love listening to some of these fans sometimes, it is quite funny.) I, like many other Reds fans, was excited about the 2012 season when Walt Jocketty pulled the trigger and made the first trade for Mat Latos this offseason. That move showed me that this year was not going to be like the others. So, here is a list of all the players that the Reds have traded for, signed or invited to spring training this year.

Players traded to Cincinnati Reds.

                       From Team
Mat Latos                 SDP
Sean Marshall             CHC
Wilson Valdez             PHI

Players signed to Cincinnati Reds.

                       From Team
Corky Miller              CIN
Chad Reineke              CIN
Sean Gallagher            PIT
Luis Atilano              WSN
Kanekoa Texeira           NYY
Brian Esposito            HOU
Andrew Brackman           NYY
Clay Zavada               ARI
Ryan Madson               PHI
Willie Harris             NYM

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Players invited to Cincinnati Reds Spring Training with Minor League contracts.

Jeff Francis
Tucker Barnhart
Tim Gustafson
Sean Gallagher
Ron Mahay
Rafael Vera
Nick Christiani
Kenekoa Tazeira
Josh Judy
John Holdzkom
Jean Duque
Donnie Joseph
Daryl Jones
Daniel Corcino
Corky Miller
Clayton Tanner
Clay Zavada
Chad Reineke
Brian Esposito
Andrew Brackman
Ryne Reynoso
Joel Guzman

Not sure if this list has everyone that has been invited but it is pretty close so far. Let me know if I am missing anyone.

Walt Jocketty has a gambling addiction

So far the Cincinnati Reds have signed Corky Miller, Chad Reineke, Sean Gallagher, Luis Atilano and Kanekoa Texeira. There are also rumors that they signed Andrew Brackman. I like the Corky Miller deal the most right now.

Most of these guys will be in AAA or AA in 2012 with one or two maybe getting a call up if the Reds get injured like they did in 2011. They are not huge moves that will break the bank and of course they are not moves that will fill the seats in Great American Ball Park either.

Some people think Walt Jocketty is very close to making a deal that will get the Reds a top of the rotation starter. While others, including myself, think they won’t do anything huge besides what they have already done. Look for more minor league contracts to players I have dubbed, ‘Players to be named later.’

Walt is a gambler! He likes to gamble on players and see if he can find a diamond in the rough. Some times that gamble does work but it does not pay off for long. (Jonny Gomes) If one of these players does shine bright I just hope Jocketty will pull the trigger and get rid of the player for good value before that shine starts to fade quickly.

While it is true, Walt Jocketty likes to gamble on signing young players, he does not like to trade away top prospects for one player and hope that gamble pays off. I really can not see him trading away three or four prospects for a starting pitcher this offseason. I can see him signing three or more starting pitching prospects that have not proven themselves at the major league level yet though. So keep your eyes on guys like Matt Torra, Mike Ballard, Ryan Edell, Dallas Trahern, Brian Baker, Chorye Spoone, Rey Gonzalez, Kyler Newby and Jose Quintana.