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More sidebar madness!

I have added Reds blogs twitter feeds to the sidebar now and find it fun to watch what they are all saying in twitter about Major League Baseball and Cincinnati Reds. I have followed these twitter accounts very closely in the past few months and find them to be very knowledgable when it comes to the Reds and baseball in general. Please take some time and look them all over and follow them if you are not already.

Again, the sidebar is put together more to help me keep up to date then for the readers of the blog. I know that having all of this slows the blog down when new people try to load the blog but I hope it is not to bad that it will drive people away from the main goal, to inform Reds fans of what is happening with the team.

Thank you all for reading the blog and hopefully you will follow my twitter account @2r2dblog to find out the latest with the blog and baseball.

Holy sidebar Batman!

I have been busy fixing the sidebar for the blog today while waiting for more news about the Sean Marshall and Travis Wood trade. I decided to move the Cincinnati Reds feeds to the top since this is a blog about that team and I have added a few others. The whole reason behind so much on the sidebar is more for me then for other readers. I like to be informed of everything that is happening in Major League Baseball and this is a very easy and fun way for me to do it.

Many will complain that the blog loads way to slow because of the busy sidebar but like I said before, most of it is to help me stay informed. I hope that this reason does not drive readers away but instead keeps them coming back knowing that they can find all they need on one blog. I for one check the blog a lot and get all of my inspiration for posts from what is seen on the sidebar. I hope others see it the same way I do and keep coming back. I will be taking some feeds off when I see that some blogs are not active for a while and probably add more as I surf the internet and find more.

If you have a MLBlog and would like your blogs feed posted on the sidebar please let me know in the comments. I will gladly add and follow any baseball blog made. I am a Cincinnati Reds fan but I love to read about other MLB teams and what their fans think, so all baseball blogs are welcome.