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Can #reds afford Choo?

MLB.com beat reporter Mark Sheldon wrote in his blog that Cincinnati Reds have not talked to CF Shin-Soo Choo or his agent Scott Boras in a few weeks but they are still trying to get him back. General Manager Walt Jocketty told Sheldon on the phone that “I had one conversation with [agent Scott] Boras a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t done anything since then because of holidays and things going on.”

I have read that many reporters and baseball minds think there is no way the Reds can afford Choo even if they do get rid of Brandon Phillips and his contract. The money and years wanted is just to much for the Reds to handle unless Ownership is willing to hand over more money, which a lot of people can not see happening.

As I stated before, it seems like Walt Jocketty is focusing more on offense then defense so I can see a few more players who lack defense but are great hitters joining the team very soon.

Shin-Soo Choo Rumors on twitter:

Cueto feeling good

News of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto is spreading all over twitter right now that he is feeling better and ready to come back. I wanted to post these tweets on here so everyone can take a look for themselves. Getting Johnny Cueto back in the rotation healthy will really help this ball club out. Tony Cingrani has been pitching great in Cueto’s spot but having the Reds number one starter back will really boost this team.

Reds add more depth with signing Willie Harris

Cincinnati Reds signed Willie Harris to a minor league deal today and although many might not think much about this deal, I think it is another great job by Walt Jocketty. It is “No” risk, high rewards for the team. Harris can play all three outfield spots along with 2B and 3B. He also has played a few games at SS. [Source – Mark Sheldon] and [Source – John Fay]

Year   Pos   G  GS    Inn   Ch   PO   A  E  DP  Fld% RF/9
2011    OF  44  32  294.2   63   63   0  0   0 1.000 1.92
2011    LF  33  26  241.1   48   48   0  0   0 1.000 1.79
2011    2B  10   7   66.1   32   10  22  0   2 1.000 4.34
2011    3B   7   5   48.0   16    4  11  1   0  .938 2.81
2011    CF   7   3   31.0    9    9   0  0   0 1.000 2.61
2011    RF   6   3   22.1    6    6   0  0   0 1.000 2.42
2011    DH   2                                          2
        OF 566 361 3499.1  943  915  16 12   4  .987 2.39
        LF 307 189 1834.2  430  415   9  6   3  .986 2.08
        CF 237 145 1412.0  446  434   7  5   1  .989 2.81
        2B 218 174 1553.0  900  381 507 12 110  .987 5.15
        RF  51  27  252.2   66   65   0  1   0  .985 2.32
        3B  33  14  155.0   50    9  37  4   2  .920 2.67
        SS   8   3   38.0   15    4  11  0   2 1.000 3.55
       TOT 825 552 5245.1 1908 1309 571 28 118  .985 3.23
Lg     Pos   G  GS    Inn   Ch   PO   A  E  DP  Fld% RF/9

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 1/23/2012.

Jeff Francis and other options

Cincinnati Reds are not done shopping this offseason. Walt Jocketty has told reporters that he is looking to trade for a SS / INF and they are looking into trying to get LHP Jeff Francis to add some more depth. [Source – Mark Sheldon]

I read that the Reds are looking to maybe getting Francis signed to a minor league deal which in my mind would be great, but there are a few other teams looking into trying to sign him so I am not sure if a deal will get done. Jeff Francis would be better off coming back to the National League though since he did not have to good of a season for Kansas City Royals in 2011. There are some people who think Francis would not be a good option because of Great American Ball Park but if they do sign him to a minor league deal I really don’t see it as being a big issue since it will give the team more options. It would be another low risk high returns kind of deal which has been paying off for Walt Jocketty this offseason so far.

There have been a few people interested in the SS / INF trade talk and I have to be very honest, I am just as stumped as you are to who they will go after and who they will give up to get a backup utility infielder. I have some guesses but so far I have been way off when trying to guess what Walt will do. I thought maybe Carlos Fisher or Jose Arredondo would be traded for what they need but like I said before, I have not been too good at guessing this offseason.

Get your tickets now

Cincinnati Reds Spring Training is very close and if you don’t have your tickets yet you better get them quick. 2012 Spring Training Tickets and Season Ticket Plans are on sale right now.

You can also get some great gear at the Cincinnati Reds Auction right now.

Bill Bray signed a one year deal with the Reds today. [Source – Mark Sheldon] Here is what Bray had to say about it on twitter.

Ryan Ludwick .600 SLG at GABP

Ryan Ludwick has signed a one year deal with Cincinnati Reds. [Source – MLB Trade Rumors] Ken Rosenthal commented on twitter about the deal. “Source: Ryan Ludwick to #Reds. #MLB” and “Source: Ludwick deal with #Reds is one year with a mutual option for 2013. #MLB” and and Jon Heyman said, “ludwick gets $2.5M, with chance to make $3M. #reds.” Mark Sheldon just posted on Mark My Word about the signing with Reds land Ludwick.

Ryan Ludwick has done very well in Great American Ball Park. I showed stats to prove this before in, “Options at LF all depend on Cordero signing.” With a .633 SLG it shows he will fit very well in the number 4 spot in the batting order, after Joey Votto and before Jay Bruce.

Walt Jocketty said most of the work that had to be done would be done quickly this week and he was not kidding. Look for the Reds to find their SS/INF soon too and it just might be another Ryan.

Update: I put down the wrong SLG numbers for Ludwick in GABP. He has hit .600 there not .633 SLG, those are his numbers for Wrigley Field.

Cincinnati Reds add more depth with Dioner Navarro

Dioner Navarro signed with Cincinnati Reds and has been invited to spring training. This move adds more depth to catching for the Reds and should not be seen as a problem for starting catchers Ryan Hanigan, Devin Mesoraco and other catcher invites Corky Miller, Brian Esposito and Tucker Barnhart. It really gives more options to the Reds at that very important position and should help the team out during spring training. [Source – Mark Sheldon] and [Source – Tom Groeschen]

In 2011 Navarro had some interesting at-bat results for Los Angeles Dodgers. 21.57% groundout, 18.14% flyout, 17.16% strikeout, 10.78% single and 7.84% walk with 2.45% home runs. He had a lot of troubles with Sliders and Curveballs which both were 70.6% strikes with over 55% swung at and 10 to 14% whiffs. In 202 plate appearances for the Dodgers, Navarro had a .193 BA, .276 OBP and a .324 SLG with 35 strike outs and 20 walks. [at-bat stats – pitch f/x]

I like Zavada and not just for his mustache

Clay Zavada has joined the Cincinnati Reds and besides the killer mustache there is another reason I like having this kid on the team. His birthday is on June 28th. The same as mine, Brandon Phillips and Chris Speier. I wrote already about Brandon Phillips and Chris Speier in my post, I share my birthday with and I talked a little about Zavada in my post, ‘Oh Mo!’ – LeCure better look out. I have not had a chance to see him pitch too much lately but hopefully this spring training I will be able to see a lot more and of course I hope he will get on the 40-man roster so I can see him pitch even more. He will have a lot of competition though so only time will tell.

I am starting to think Walt Jocketty likes me. I think he has been reading my posts and thinking of ways to make me happy. Or, it is just a fluke that the Reds signed another players that has the same birthday as me. Zavada and Phillips are the only active players that I know of right now that were born on June 28th. I stated before that I would love to see Zavada and Sam LeCure pitching in the bullpen in 2012. People have already been calling this seasons bullpen the Ma-sty Boys, I think we will have to change that to the Ma-stachey Boys. Of course Zavada will have to prove himself worthy at spring training and there are a lot of great pitchers going to be trying to get big league jobs. With all of these pitchers being invited to spring training I am starting to think another trade is coming very soon where the Reds will send some of their out of options pitchers for bench players. When Mark Sheldon asked Walt Jocketty about LF and SS/INF he said, “Hopefully, by next week I’d like to have both of them resolved.

Funny story before I end this post; I was looking through all of the players that have or had a birthday on June 28th and saw Clay Zavada’s name and thought to myself, it would be nice if Walt could get this kid so then I can write more about June 28th. 2012 is going to be a great year and I am going to have fun celebrating my birthday this year. Thanks Walt.

‘Oh Mo!’ – LeCure better look out

Left-handed pitchers Ron Mahay and Clay Zavada signed Minor League contracts with Cincinnati Reds and are invited to spring training as non-roster players. [Source – Mark Sheldon]

When I saw the picture of Clay Zavada I thought of Sam LeCure right away. There’s a new ‘stache in town and Sam better bring his grooming gear this spring. I would love to see these two guys in the bullpen opening day. They would make a deadly righty/lefty combination. Hitters would be staring at the mustaches instead of the pitch. Update: Sam LeCure was asked on twitter what he thought and said, “I’m impressed by this dudes stache craft. Throw @Corky_Miller in there bc he’s basically the godfather of it all” [ Tweet ]

Sam Lecure

Sam LeCure

Clay Zavada

Clay Zavada

A great way to start off the day

Cincinnati Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations Jamie Ramsey from Better Off Red writes a special guest post for The Morning Line, 1/13 (Better Off Red edition).

If you have not had a chance to read it yet, I seriously recommend it. Jamie Ramsey of course is the inside man for all Reds fans to follow along with such greats like John Fay and Mark Sheldon. No real Reds fan can go on cheering without following these guys for the inside scoop on the team. @Jamieblog, @johnfayman and @m_sheldon.