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Reds 7, Mets 4 [May 22, 2013]

Image used from; Cashing In: Check swing boosts Reds Photo: SETH WENIG

Zack Cozart goes 4 for 5 and became a very hot topic on twitter today during the game. He was doing great at the plate and in the field (except for the throwing error). Joey Votto went 2 for 3 with 2 walks and a very nice home run. Brandon Phillips went 2 for 4 with 1 walk and 2 runs batted in. Mat Latos went 6.2 innings allowing 8 hits, 4 earned runs with 1 walk and 4 strike outs. Mets players were hitting the ball pretty good off of him today but Reds players were making great plays behind him in order to keep the game close.

One of my favorite things to do now while I watch a Reds game is to keep an eye on twitter. It is amazing how quickly a fan can tweet their thoughts during a play (good or bad). For me, it adds even more excitement to the game. Just to see tons of fans announce a home run in their own words on twitter is a lot of fun to watch. If you have never watched a Reds game and been on twitter at the same time, I highly recommend it but be very careful what you say or retweet, some people might attack you.

Votto’s two-run homer

Phillips’ RBI single

Phillips’ RBI double


Reds 4 Mets 0 [May 21, 2013]

Cincinnati Reds scored early in this game and I have to say it was the best first inning of play I have seen the Reds play in a very long time. Great patience at the plate by some guys that usually go up to bat swinging. Great game to watch and I really enjoyed watching Mike Leake pitch today, he was locating his pitches very nice and that low strike was really working well for him.

Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips extended their hitting streaks and Todd Frazier went 2 for 4 while Devin Mesoraco got a nice home run in the 9th inning.

Reds score on error

Devin Mesoraco’s solo homer

Leake’s great start

Last year on May 21 Mike Leake won against Atlanta Braves in Great American Ball Park 4-1.
May 21, 2012 [Braves 1 vs. Reds 4]

Pitching             IP H R ER BB SO HR
Mike Leake W (1-5)    8 3 1  1  1  6  1

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May 21, 2013 [Reds 4 vs. Mets 0]

Pitching             IP H R ER BB SO HR
Mike Leake W (4-2)    7 3 0  0  2  4  0

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Cain vs. Latos

Tuesday 4/24, 7:10 PM ET at Great American Ball Park will be the first Giants vs. Reds series in 2012. Matt Cain will pitch for the Giants while Mat Latos pitches for the Reds. [Probables]

“Cain has thrown nine shutout innings in each of his last two starts, and he’s struck out 15 batters while only allowing four baserunners via walk and hit in that span.” [Source] [vs. Reds] [Career Stats] [Pitch f/x]

I am watching the double-header today with New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants and from what I have seen so far, the Giants are hitting great and pitching even better. I had a good laugh when the announcers were talking about how bad Tim Lincecum is pitching. He allowed a lot of walks but got some great strikeouts also. They were very vocal on his control issues but I still thought he did pretty good in the first game of the two today. Lincecum went 5 innings allowing 4 hits, 1 run with 5 BB and 8 SO. [Source]

Mat Latos is looking to get his first win this season and hopefully he can go deeper into the game with some run support this time around. I think if the Reds can get some good runs for him to start the game he should be able to keep the game close in order to get his first win of 2012. [vs. Giants] [Career Stats] [Pitch F/X]

If only the front office could see into the future

When I look over this list it makes me wonder what if the Cincinnati Reds front office could have seen into the future. Would they have picked differently? One thing to note is that Joey Votto was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2nd round of the 2002 amateur draft.

It might happen to the Reds next offseason

After seeing that Jose Reyes signed with Miami Marlins, a division rival of New York Mets, a sick feeling came across me as a Cincinnati Reds fan. Will this happen to the Reds in the 2012 offseason with Brandon Phillips? There has been a lot of talk about both sides still being way off on an extension that would keep Phillips a Red for life and to tell you the truth it might not ever happen. Are the Reds going to pull the trigger at the trade deadline and get something for him than if they do not decide to keep him? Or, are they going to do the same thing the Mets did, wait it out and hope that he signs with a team that will not effect their stats that year? Jose Reyes signing with Miami just shows that a draft pick is not always the best path to choose. I really doubt any player the Mets pick in the draft will help them against Reyes and the Marlins in the near future. It is a move that will end up kicking them harder than they thought. Than again, it might also be a bad move on the part of Miami because of Reyes injuries but at this point I would have to say the Marlins made a good move.

The signing of Rose Reyes to Miami is like if Brandon Phillips signed with Chicago Cubs in 2012 / 13. It would not only kick Walt Jocketty in the back side but it would hurt more for the fans every time they played against the Cubs. I just hope this big news wakes Walt and his front office up and they get to work on signing Brandon Phillips or even gets them talking to GM’s at the winter meetings about a possible trade at the trade deadline in 2012.

I was really hoping an American League team would have signed Reyes but at least it was not a National League Central team. Now there are just a few more free agents to go. I still have my fingers crossed for Albert Pujols to go to Miami or an American League team and I really hope Prince Fielder signs with a team out of the Central too. This could be a great sign to things to come. The Winter Meetings are finally here and moves have already started. Buckle yourselves in and get ready for the fun!

Will Paul Janish be traded?

With word out that Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty is looking for a veteran SS/INF to help play with Zack Cozart in 2012 it makes me wonder if Paul Janish will be part of a trade for a starting pitcher.

Paul Janish was drafted by Cincinnati in the 5th round of the 2004 amateur draft. his debut was on May 14, 2008. With four seasons played for the Reds he has a .221 BA, .289 OBP and .302 SLG. Which might not be to pleasing to other GM’s but his fielding should take any doubts away very quickly. 283 games at SS he has a .981 Fld%, 145 DP and 4.69 RF / 9 with only 20 errors.

He played 114 games for the Reds in 2011 with a .214 BA, .259 OBP and a .262 SLG. Not known for his hitting that does not surprise me. He was 1st with 14 Total Zone Runs as SS in 2011 and has 26 to put him 15th for active players overall and 59th for career which will only get better as he plays more. I for one would hate to see him traded. I liked watching him play SS. His Range Factor / 9Inn as SS was 4.63 to get him 4th in 2011.

If the Reds are thinking about trading Janish away I for one will be watching him play on that other team for sure. Like I said before I loved watching him play SS. He has never been good at hitting but I would rather see him in the batters box than Drew Stubbs right now and if they are thinking about trading him I really hope he goes to an American League team. I would hate to see him playing in the National League against the Reds turning double plays like crazy. I would love to see him play with Orlando Hudson but that would not be good for the Reds.

Over his career he has hit well in some ball parks. I thought I would list them here just to get an idea of where he might like to go play if he was traded. Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field he has gone 13 for 42, getting a .310 BA. Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park he has hit 10 times out of 30 at bats getting a .333 BA. New York Mets, Citi Field has seen him go 2 for 6 with a .333 BA. Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field he has gone 9 for 20 with a .450 BA and one that might be a good fit for both the Reds and Janish is Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Center he has got 3 hits for 7 at bats giving him a .429 BA. Of course it is hard to say he will keep hitting well in those ball parks if he went there but it is something to think about. Many people have said that if a player can not hit in Great American Ball Park they can not hit anywhere else, I really hope that is not true. I would love to see Paul Janish get his hitting in the .240 BA range and then just watch him get golden gloves at SS every year. I personally would rather watch Paul Janish than Jose Reyes in the field but I might be the only one out there that says that.

One thing that might make Paul Janish a good trade for many teams is that he is not an expensive great fielding SS. They will not break the bank if they do trade a veteran SP for him and some other prospects. I really hope I am wrong with this and Paul Janish stays on the Reds for 2012 but with Jocketty telling Mark Sheldon they are looking for a SS/INF it really made me wonder what would happen to Janish.

Bring back Bruce Berenyi

I have been focusing a lot on pitching lately because that seems to be the hot topic for the Cincinnati Reds right now. And while I like the idea of all of their young pitchers starting in 2012 I also would love to see a veteran pitcher come in to help teach these youngsters how to play properly. Bruce Berenyi was the first pitcher to come to mind. I really have no idea why but he just was. Now don’t get me wrong, I know at 57 years old he probably would not want to come back and pitch in Major League Baseball but he was the first guy I thought of and why not run with it and just have some fun talking about a great Reds pitcher who I will never forget.

Berenyi was drafted by the Reds in the 1st round (3rd pick) of the 1976 amateur draft. He debuted on Saturday, July 5, 1980 at Riverfront Stadium at the age of 25 years old. He got lit up by the Houston Astros only pitching in 0.1 inning, facing 7 batters and giving up 5 hits, 6 runs with 1 walk and only 1 strike out. Not the kind of start most young pitchers want when they first get to the big leagues but I am sure it was an eye opener for him no matter what. Mario Soto came in and pitched 8.2 innings after him to get the Reds the win 8 – 6. That year Berenyi went on to start in 5 more games for the Reds and finished with a 2 – 2 record getting a 7.81 ERA. He also pitched for the Indianapolis Indians in the AAA American Association where he started 20 games and finished with a 5 – 8 record getting 121 strike outs and a 4.32 ERA. His most strike outs in the minors was the year before in 1979 for Indianapolis with 136 where he started 25 games (166 IP) finishing with 9 wins and 9 losses and getting a 2.82 ERA.

The next season (1981) he pitched in 21 games (20 starts) getting 5 complete games, 3 shutouts while only allowing 77 walks and recording 106 strike outs finishing the season with a 9 – 6 record and getting a 3.50 ERA and a 7.6 SO/9. Coming in 4th in the National League Rookie of the Year voting getting beat out by Fernando Valenzuela, Tim Raines and Hubie Brooks. The Reds of course went on to finish 1st in the National League West that season with 66 wins and 42 losses with such players as Johnny Bench, Dan Driessen, Dave Concepcion, Ken Griffey, Mario Soto and Tom Seaver. But of course the 1981 season was divided into two halves with the first and second half champs (Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros) facing each other prior to the league championship series due to an extended player strike in the middle of the season. The Dodgers went on to win the World Series over the New York Yankees 4 games to 2.

Berenyi went on to pitch 5 years for the Reds and 3 years for the New York Mets finishing with a 44 – 55 career record with 607 SO and a 7.0 SO/9 and a 4.03 ERA. Which does not make him the best Reds pitcher in the history of the franchise but one that I will never forget.

Bruce Berenyi

Year    Age   Tm  W  L  ERA  GS CG SHO    IP  BB  SO  WHIP SO/9
1980     25  CIN  2  2 7.81   6  0   0  27.2  23  19 2.060  6.2
1981     26  CIN  9  6 3.50  20  5   3 126.0  77 106 1.381  7.6
1982     27  CIN  9 18 3.36  34  4   1 222.1  96 157 1.367  6.4
1983     28  CIN  9 14 3.86  31  4   1 186.1 102 151 1.476  7.3
1984     29  TOT 12 13 4.45  30  0   0 166.0  95 134 1.554  7.3
1984     29  CIN  3  7 6.00  11  0   0  51.0  42  53 2.059  9.4
1984     29  NYM  9  6 3.76  19  0   0 115.0  53  81 1.330  6.3
1985     30  NYM  1  0 2.63   3  0   0  13.2  10  10 1.317  6.6
1986     31  NYM  2  2 6.35   7  0   0  39.2  22  30 1.739  6.8
7 Seasons        44 55 4.03 131 13   5 781.2 425 607 1.478  7.0
162 Game Avg.    11 14 4.03  33  3   1   195 106 151 1.478  7.0
CIN (5 yrs)      32 47 3.96 102 13   5 613.1 340 486 1.492  7.1
NYM (3 yrs)      12  8 4.28  29  0   0 168.1  85 121 1.426  6.5

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34+ year old starting pitchers

Walt Jocketty, General Manager of the Cincinnati Reds said that they are looking for a veteran starting pitcher to help solidify the rotation. With that I have done some searching and found 21 starters older than Bronson Arroyo (34) and will see if any of them become the Reds target. Now I know that “veteran” does not always mean oldest but some of these guys could be who Jocketty is talking about.

Before we start though, I would like to add that a lot of these pitchers are on teams that I seriously doubt would trade them away unless given a lot back in return, along with the fact that the Reds could not afford some of their contracts even if they did get the ok to trade. And as we said before, Jocketty does not plan on doing much with free agents this offseason so that takes even more off the list giving us very slim pickings. Now maybe when he said experienced he really meant older than Johnny Cueto (25) or Edinson Volquez (27)which would bring a whole new crop of prospects to the table but that can be discussed at another time.

First we start with the oldest, Tim Wakefield. At 44 years old it has been said he will return and keep pitching. In 2011 he started in 23 games and recorded 154.2 innings pitched. He finished with a 7 – 8 record for Boston Red Sox. Wakefield has 463 career games started with 200 career wins, the most amongst active pitchers.

Miguel Batista only had 5 games started at age 40 but finished with a 5 – 2 record in 2011.

Bartolo Colon at 38 years old started in 28 games for New York Yankees and finished with a 8 – 10 record.

Derek Lowe also at 38 years old pitched in 34 starts and had a 9 – 17 record for Atlanta Braves.

Nelson Figueroa started in only 5 games for Houston Astros and finished with a 0 – 3 record.

Kevin Millwood pitched in 9 starts and had a 4 – 3 record at age 36.

Hiroki Kuroda had 32 starts for the Dodgers with 202 innings pitched and getting a 13 – 16 record at age 36.

Chris Carpenter also at 36 got the most innings pitched out of this list with 237.1 and 34 starts to get him a 11 – 9 record.

R. A. Dickey, another 36-year-old started 32 times for the Mets and got a 8 – 13 record.

Livian Hernandez is another 36-year-old who got 29 starts for Washington Nationals finishing the season with 8 wins and 13 losses. Livian has the record for most games started for active pitchers at 474.

Tim Hudson at 35 started in 33 games and recorded a 16 – 10 record.

Rodrigo Lopez, 35 years old got 16 starts with a 6 – 6 record for the Cubs.

Doug Davis at 35 and on the Cubs got a 1 – 7 record with only 9 starts.

Ted Lilly got 33 starts at age 35 and finished the season off with a 12 – 14 record.

Carl Pavano started 33 games for the Twins and saw a 9 – 13 record.

Freddy Garcia at 34 saw a pretty good season for the Yankees with a 12 – 8 record over 25 starts.

A. J. Burnett, another 34-year-old and on the Yankees got a 11 – 11 record out of 32 starts.

Bruce Chen with the Royals started 25 games with a 12 – 8 record at age 34.

Roy Halladay at 34, got 32 games started and ended the season with a 19 – 6 record.

Ryan Dempster, 34 years old got 34 starts for the Cubs in 2011 with 10 wins 14 losses.

Javier Vazquez ends this list with 32 starts and a 13 – 11 record for the Marlins at 34 years old.

                    Year   Age Tm Lg GS  W  L    IP  SO  ERA HR
Tim Wakefield       2011   44 BOS AL 23  7  8 154.2  93 5.12 25
Miguel Batista      2011   40 TOT NL  5  5  2  60.0  31 3.60  2
Bartolo Colon       2011   38 NYY AL 26  8 10 164.1 135 4.00 21
Derek Lowe          2011   38 ATL NL 34  9 17 187.0 137 5.05 14
Nelson Figueroa     2011   37 HOU NL  5  0  3  29.0  17 8.69  3
Kevin Millwood      2011   36 COL NL  9  4  3  54.1  36 3.98  9
Hiroki Kuroda       2011   36 LAD NL 32 13 16 202.0 161 3.07 24
Chris Carpenter     2011   36 STL NL 34 11  9 237.1 191 3.45 16
R.A. Dickey         2011   36 NYM NL 32  8 13 208.2 134 3.28 18
Livan Hernandez     2011   36 WSN NL 29  8 13 175.1  99 4.47 16
Tim Hudson          2011   35 ATL NL 33 16 10 215.0 158 3.22 14
Rodrigo Lopez       2011   35 CHC NL 16  6  6  97.2  54 4.42 18
Doug Davis          2011   35 CHC NL  9  1  7  45.2  36 6.50  2
Ted Lilly           2011   35 LAD NL 33 12 14 192.2 158 3.97 28
Carl Pavano         2011   35 MIN AL 33  9 13 222.0 102 4.30 23
Freddy Garcia       2011   34 NYY AL 25 12  8 146.2  96 3.62 16
A.J. Burnett        2011   34 NYY AL 32 11 11 190.1 173 5.15 31
Bruce Chen          2011   34 KCR AL 25 12  8 155.0  97 3.77 18
Roy Halladay        2011   34 PHI NL 32 19  6 233.2 220 2.35 10
Ryan Dempster       2011   34 CHC NL 34 10 14 202.1 191 4.80 23
Javier Vazquez      2011   34 FLA NL 32 13 11 192.2 162 3.69 21

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