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#Reds Rule 5 Draft results

Cincinnati Reds had a full 40 man roster going into the Rule 5 Draft so they did not do anything. AAA portion though saw some results where Reds picked up a RHP and lost an OF. Reds got Mikey O’Brien from the Yankees and lost Theo Bowe to the Nationals.


Brandon Phillips for Brett Gardner??

Rumors are flying around on twitter right now that New York Yankees declined a trade offer from Cincinnati Reds which would send 2B Brandon Phillips for OF Brett Gardner. I thought I would add the main tweets to start off then come back to this later and voice my thoughts on it. I am predicting Walt Jocketty will wake up tomorrow and be swarmed by reporters where he will say he never talked to the Yankees about such a deal.

Walt Jocketty talks about Brandon Phillips and Aroldis Chapman

Cincinnati Reds general manager, Walt Jocketty told reporters that he has talked to 2B Brandon Phillips and told him trade talks are now over. Jocketty said, “We’re a better team with him.”

I have read that this could be because of how much Jacoby Ellsbury got from the Yankees, which reflects what Shin-Soo Choo should get close to in free agency. Which of course is way too much for the Reds to even think about, even if they did trade Phillips. Jocketty also said that Aroldis Chapman will be their closer.


Andrew Brackman signed

It is official, Andrew Brackman has signed with Cincinnati Reds. Here is what I found earlier today. “The Reds today signed Moeller High School graduate RHP Andrew Brackman to a 1-year contract through the 2012 season.” [Source] “The Reds made official Wednesday the signing of RHP Andrew Brackman. It is a one-year Major League contract.” [Source] “We’re going to try to refine his delivery to improve his command and control,” Jocketty said. “If he can do that, he can be successful. We have good pitching coaches that should help him quite a bit.” [Source] Jamie Ramsey also included the Cincinnati Reds Hot Stove Notebook in his Better Off Red post.

Although Andrew Brackman only played in 3 games for New York Yankees in 2011 I thought we would talk about his pitches and how well he did in that short period of time.

Andrew Brackman 2011

Cut Fastball
4-seam Fastball

Andrew Brackman threw his 91.5 MPH cut fastball 35 times in 2011. (63.6%) 65.7% of them were strikes with 51.4% swung on and 8.6% whiff. 20% were foul while 22.9% were in play.

He threw his curveball 10 times (18.2%) which was clocked at 76.4 MPH. 40% were in the strike zone and 30% were swung on. 20% were foul while 10% were in play.

His slider he threw only 7 times (12.7%) and were in the strike zone 57.1% with 57.1% swung on, 28.6% whiff, 14.3% foul and 14.3% in play.

Brackman also threw a 4-seam fastball 3 times (5.5%) which got up to 91.7 MPH. 0% were in the strike zone, swung on, whiffed, fouled or in play.

His at-bat results were a little off but with such a small sample size it is hard to be to judgemental of his ability. 23% flyout, 23% walk, 15.38% field error and 15.38 groundout.

You can find all of this information at Pitch f/x. Where you can even check out the break down for every game he pitched in 2011.

Andrew Brackman 2011 New York Yankees

Year   Age  Tm W L  ERA G  IP H BB SO BF  WHIP
2011    25 NYY 0 0 0.00 3 2.1 1  3  0 13 1.714

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Andrew Brackman minor league stats.

Year                      Tm   Lev  W  L  ERA  G GS    IP   H  BB  SO  WHIP
2009              Charleston     A  2 12 5.91 29 19 106.2 106  76 103 1.706
2010                 2 Teams AA-A+ 10 11 3.90 27 26 140.2 144  39 126 1.301
2010                   Tampa    A+  5  4 5.10 12 12  60.0  67   9  56 1.267
2010                 Trenton    AA  5  7 3.01 15 14  80.2  77  30  70 1.326
2011   Scranton/Wilkes-Barre   AAA  3  6 6.00 33 13  96.0  82  75  75 1.635
3 Seasons                          15 29 5.11 89 58 343.1 332 190 304 1.520

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Generated 1/4/2012.

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Six arbitration-eligible players and Andrew Brackman

The Reds have tendered contracts to shortstop Paul Janish and pitchers Bill Bray, Edinson Volquez, Nick Masset, Homer Bailey and Jose Arredondo, all six are arbitration-eligible players.

Paul Janish might not have the bat that Reds fans would like to see but I really can’t see any other free agents out there that would be able to field as good as him at SS and if Zack Cozart does not work out like expected the Reds will need Janish big time.

Bill Bray and Nick Masset are going to be very important players in 2012 for the Cincinnati Reds with Francisco Cordero leaving to free agency. Homer Bailey should do well as a starter in 2012 if he can stay healthy and Edinson Volquez might become the Reds closer.

The Reds have also signed 26-year-old Andrew Brackman (born in Cincinnati) who played 3 games for New York Yankees in 2011. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (30th pick) of the 2007 amateur draft. I am not sure if he is ready to be a starter in the big leagues yet but it is a good signing for the Reds. It shows that they are doing something at least.

20 years

As I was checking out baseball news today I tried to remember when I first started cheering for the Cincinnati Reds and was amazed that I have been a loyal fan for close to 20 years now. Of course there were years where I did not cheer as loud as others but I have never jumped any band wagons and trust me many years it was a tough battle not to. I have seen good players and I have seen bad. I got to see young players become Gods and older players prove they were still good enough to play. I have shed lots of tears and drank lots of beers cheering them on. (Where I come from we say beer or beers so don’t correct me, I was just letting it flow.)

When I first became a fan it was not easy for me to watch any of their games. We only got Toronto Blue Jays games most of the time and once and awhile they would show Montreal Expos games. That is when I would watch the Reds play them. It was very tough to be a fan at this time but I kept strong and it paid off in 1990 when they went on to win the World Series. Chris Sabo, Billy Hatcher, Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, Mariano Duncan, Hal Morris, Ken Griffey (Sr., thank you very much.) Tom Browning, Jose Rijo, Norm Charlton, Danny Jackson, Rob Dibble, Randy Myers, Scott Scudder and Chris Hammond are names I will remember for the rest of my life. It also explains why I never liked Tony LaRussa much when I was younger, and then when he came to St. Louis it got worse. I respect him cause of how great of a manager he was but he ranks high as one of my most hated managers of all time. Lou Piniella on the other hand has a mixed reaction from me. I loved him and then hated him.

I love looking at the history of the franchise and love to see them still going strong today. The Reds will always be a big part of the National League and people can not talk about the history of baseball without talking a little bit about the Reds. Sure they did not have the years the New York Yankees have had or the St. Louis Cardinals but they have always put together a great team every season.

No matter what happens this offseason I will remain a fan until the day I die and I hope that before that day comes I can witness them win another Championship.

Still nothing to report

It is times like this I wish I was not a Reds fan. The only thing Cincinnati Reds have done this offseason is re-sign Corky Miller. I thought they would get a deal done with Brandon Phillips and even try to get Francisco Cordero back but from the sounds of it they are not even close to coming to a deal with either one of these key players. And Walt Jocketty squashed all of our offseason hopes right away by telling reporters that they would not be getting any free agents and would be trading for what they need. Which I don’t know about the other Reds fans out there but it scares the ____ out of me to know that I might wake up tomorrow and find out that they traded the whole farm system away for one player that isn’t worth a bag of balls.

I still don’t understand why the Reds Front Office did not trade away Ramon Hernandez or even Cordero at the trade deadline if they had no intention of signing them again. There were some teams that were interested in Hernandez so it makes no sense at all.  If it was just so then they could get a draft pick I am going to be very upset, more than I already am. You mean to tell me no other team could offer more than what we would get with a draft pick for Hernandez? I have a hard time believing that. Does Walt even know how to send an email or text? The days of sitting in a bar and writing down deals on napkins are over Walt, get with it already! If you are going to sit on your hands like this with Joey Votto you are never going to even get a response from him or his agent. I know that many are saying already that he has no interest in signing again with the Reds and from what I have seen with how Jocketty is doing business I don’t blame him. The guy deserves to get paid for his hard work.

To be honest, I was not expecting a lot to happen this offseason but I really didn’t think the only deal they would have done is signing Corky Miller at this time, no offence to Corky he is a great player and I am a fan but this is sad. I for one am very tired of hearing Walt report that he tried to get some deals done but could not get what he wanted. I understand he wants good value but let’s be honest here, for three seasons he has been saying this while every team out there have been making things happen in order to make their team better. I know that the Reds don’t have the money, I have been a fan for over 15 years now so I have heard it all before but even teams with lower budgets than the Reds are making moves to improve. I think it is time for a big deal to wow us again. Like they did when they signed Cordero a few years back.

The New York Yankees are even signing small budget players this year which is starting to make this the worst offseason EVER! Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are still free agents! A free agents only option is to re-sign with their old teams for a one year contract. I would not be surprised if most players offered arbitration this season take it and really hurt their teams wallets. If I was a player I would do it just to give the GM heart burn for a month.

I know that I should be in a good mood today and be thankful for what we have but this has been dragging on for way to long. If the Reds don’t get any deals done this offseason we are in for another nail-biting season. No matter what happens I will always be a fan of the Reds but I just get tired of seeing everyone else and their dog make deals at this time while the Reds say they tried. To tell you the sad but honest truth, even trading for a low-budget player who should only be playing in AAA would make me happy right now. Corky Miller should have held out for more money cause he might be the only deal made this offseason.