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Two less to face in 2012

Prince Fielder and Francisco Cordero both found new teams today. Fielder went to Detroit Tigers in a huge deal and Cordero signed a one year deal with Toronto Blue Jays. These are big moves that will help the Reds in 2012. First off, the Reds will not have to worry about facing either one of these players in 2012. (I think the Reds will face the Tigers sometime in the season but that is only 3 games.)

Rumors are still flying high with Roy Oswalt being at the top of the list, along with Ryan Theriot and Jeff Francis. If Walt Jocketty was to sign someone like Roy Oswalt to a one year deal it would prove that they are really in it to win it this season. Most people don’t think Oswalt has much left in his tank but I think staying in the National League is a very smart move for him and it could really help both the Reds and himself for better deals in 2013. If Walt could pull off a one year deal that would not financially hurt the team he would be a lock for General Manager of the year in my books. He is already pretty close to winning it with the moves he has done this offseason.

The biggest question I have right now is, if Oswalt really wants to stay in the National League will he maybe give a discount to a team looking for another starter? And could that team be St. Louis Cardinals or another team in National League Central? I wonder if Oswalt’s agent contacted all National League teams or were the Reds the only one? I would like to think the Reds were the only ones but we all know that would not be true.

There are a lot of people who think if the Reds did sign him there would be to many starters on the Reds then. I would just like to remind those people of last season and what happened to the Reds with their starters. It is always nice to have more options just in case. I am sure that Walt is not really looking to far into getting Oswalt though but I do believe that there will be one or maybe two more pitchers signed to minor league deals before spring training comes.

If only the front office could see into the future

When I look over this list it makes me wonder what if the Cincinnati Reds front office could have seen into the future. Would they have picked differently? One thing to note is that Joey Votto was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2nd round of the 2002 amateur draft.

Will Paul Janish be traded?

With word out that Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty is looking for a veteran SS/INF to help play with Zack Cozart in 2012 it makes me wonder if Paul Janish will be part of a trade for a starting pitcher.

Paul Janish was drafted by Cincinnati in the 5th round of the 2004 amateur draft. his debut was on May 14, 2008. With four seasons played for the Reds he has a .221 BA, .289 OBP and .302 SLG. Which might not be to pleasing to other GM’s but his fielding should take any doubts away very quickly. 283 games at SS he has a .981 Fld%, 145 DP and 4.69 RF / 9 with only 20 errors.

He played 114 games for the Reds in 2011 with a .214 BA, .259 OBP and a .262 SLG. Not known for his hitting that does not surprise me. He was 1st with 14 Total Zone Runs as SS in 2011 and has 26 to put him 15th for active players overall and 59th for career which will only get better as he plays more. I for one would hate to see him traded. I liked watching him play SS. His Range Factor / 9Inn as SS was 4.63 to get him 4th in 2011.

If the Reds are thinking about trading Janish away I for one will be watching him play on that other team for sure. Like I said before I loved watching him play SS. He has never been good at hitting but I would rather see him in the batters box than Drew Stubbs right now and if they are thinking about trading him I really hope he goes to an American League team. I would hate to see him playing in the National League against the Reds turning double plays like crazy. I would love to see him play with Orlando Hudson but that would not be good for the Reds.

Over his career he has hit well in some ball parks. I thought I would list them here just to get an idea of where he might like to go play if he was traded. Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field he has gone 13 for 42, getting a .310 BA. Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park he has hit 10 times out of 30 at bats getting a .333 BA. New York Mets, Citi Field has seen him go 2 for 6 with a .333 BA. Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field he has gone 9 for 20 with a .450 BA and one that might be a good fit for both the Reds and Janish is Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Center he has got 3 hits for 7 at bats giving him a .429 BA. Of course it is hard to say he will keep hitting well in those ball parks if he went there but it is something to think about. Many people have said that if a player can not hit in Great American Ball Park they can not hit anywhere else, I really hope that is not true. I would love to see Paul Janish get his hitting in the .240 BA range and then just watch him get golden gloves at SS every year. I personally would rather watch Paul Janish than Jose Reyes in the field but I might be the only one out there that says that.

One thing that might make Paul Janish a good trade for many teams is that he is not an expensive great fielding SS. They will not break the bank if they do trade a veteran SP for him and some other prospects. I really hope I am wrong with this and Paul Janish stays on the Reds for 2012 but with Jocketty telling Mark Sheldon they are looking for a SS/INF it really made me wonder what would happen to Janish.

Why Cincinnati Reds should not trade away Yonder Alonso

I did some research today and thought I would share why I think Yonder Alonso should not be traded this offseason. I will show his minor league stats and also compare him to Joey Votto and see what Votto got in the minors also.

First off, Yonder Alonso was drafted by the Reds in the 1st round (7th) in the 2005 Amateur Draft. Joey Votto was drafted in the 2nd round (44th) of the 2002 Amateur Draft. Alonso was rated #35 prospect pre-2009, #45 pre-2010 and #73 pre-2011. Votto was rated #43 pre-2007 and #44 pre-2008.

In four seasons in the Minors Alonso had a .293 BA, .370 OBP, .466 SLG, and .837 OPS with 36 HR, 179 RBIs, 148 BB, 203 SO in 1340 PA.

4 Seasons                             1340 .293 .370 .466 .837
AA (2 seasons)                     AA  242 .282 .380 .432 .812
AAA (2 seasons)                   AAA  854 .296 .364 .478 .842
A+ (2 seasons)                     A+  226 .304 .389 .485 .874
Rk (1 season)                      Rk   18 .133 .278 .133 .411

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Generated 11/27/2011.

Joey Votto on the other hand played 7 seasons in the minors and got a .289 BA, .386 OBP, .477 SLG and .862 OPS with 97 HR, 438 RBIs, 404 BB, 665 SO in 3016 PA.

7 Seasons                          3016 .289 .386 .477  .862
A (3 seasons)                    A  715 .280 .397 .425  .822
A+ (3 seasons)                  A+  628 .262 .338 .444  .782
Rk (2 seasons)                  Rk  503 .296 .408 .506  .914
AA (1 season)                   AA  590 .319 .408 .547  .956
AAA (1 season)                 AAA  580 .294 .381 .478  .859

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Generated 11/27/2011.

It was said that Yonder Alonso would be training to play LF for the Reds in 2012 which would bring even more value for him later on after he gets one full season. And as we all know, it has already been reported that Joey Votto will not be returning to the Reds after his contract runs out. Keeping Yonder Alonso so then he can play 1B when Votto does leave is the best bet. And it gives the Reds the oppurtunity to shop Votto away at the trade deadline either bringing in young prospects or important pieces to the puzzle to help them get an extra push into the playoffs. I think they would be able to get their top of the rotation starter and then some if they offered someone like Joey Votto.

I heard a rumor at the trade deadline in 2011 that Toronto Blue Jays and Cincinnati Reds were talking about a deal that would involve Joey Votto and Jose Bautista but it never happened because the Blue Jays were asking for more. One thing I am hoping is that scouts and front offices have not hurt Joey Votto’s value by saying, “he is only hitting that good because of Great American Ball Park.” Sure any average player can become a better hitter by playing in that park but that should not bring his value down to the point where teams are wanting a top prospect with him in order to trade their best player. In my mind, the Reds made the right decision by not trading him with another player for Bautista. And this also means they should not trade away Yonder Alonso until they get at least one full season out of him to see what he can do. Many will say that if he does not do well then his value will drop a lot but I would rather take that chance than trade him and watch him become an All-Star in his first season for some other team. (All of our luck a National League team.)

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Joey Votto stay with the Reds for the rest of his career but if he has not intention of re-signing I am all for trading him away before he becomes a free agent. At least this way the Reds would have a choice to where he would play or influence him to sign with the team they trade with and I hope that would be in the American League. I really would hate to see him sign in the offseason with a National League Central team.

Greg Maddux vs. Mickey Morandini

When I was younger I cheered for the Cincinnati Reds and at that time if there ever was a team that I couldn’t stand playing against them it was the Atlanta Braves. Of course on the Braves there were a few pitchers that really pushed me over the edge, John Smoltz (1988-2009) and Tom Glavine. (1987-2008) Now that I look back I am happy I had a chance to watch these great pitchers pitch but they sure didn’t win any awards from me back then. Another great pitcher that I loved to watch was their teammate, Greg Maddux. (1986-2008) Maddux is the topic today as we take a look at his career but mostly at which hitters hit well against him. To be more specific, one hitter who hit very well against him, Mickey Morandini. (1990 – 2000)

Mickey Morandini played 9 years with Philadelphia Phillies who drafted him in the 5th round of the 1988 amateur draft. He also played 2 years with the Cubs and 35 games with the Blue Jays. He debuted on September 1, 1990 for the Phillies in a game versus San Diego Padres where he pinch hit in the bottom of the 7th inning for Sil Campusano (1988-1991) (CF) batting first and playing second base going one for two with one run. His first at bat he saw six pitches from Padres pitcher Eric Show. (1981-1991) (ball, ball, foul, foul, ball and he hit a fly ball to Left field getting him out.) Then in the bottom of the 10th he saw one pitch by Greg Harris (1988-1995) which he hit a single thru second base and first into right field. Rod Booker then pinch hit and bunted to get him over to second base. Von Hayes (1981-1992) got an intentional walk, Dale Murphy (1976-1993) struck out swinging and John Kruk (1986-1995) came up and hit a single into center field scoring Morandini to win the game for the Phillies 3 – 2.

Before writing this I never knew much about Mickey Morandini and to tell you the truth I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the fact that he hit very well versus Greg Maddux in his career. In 100 plate appearances he had 130 at bats and hit 32 times with 3 doubles, 4 triples, 1 home run, 8 runs batted in, 4 walks and Maddux struck him out 18 times. Giving him a .344 batting average, .371 on base percentage, .495 slugging and a .866 on base slugging percentage which was good enough to put him in the top five list of best hitters versus Greg Maddux in his career. When I first looked at the list I saw familar names that I knew would be at the top, like Tony Gwynn (1982-2001) with 39 hits, Craig Biggio (1988-2007) with 38, Luis Gonzalez (1990-2008) with 36 and of course Barry Bonds (1986-2007) with 34. I really did not expect to see Micky Morandini and I just had to find out more about him.

It all started in 1990 where Morandini had 3 hits with 7 at bats against Maddux who only struck him out once. In 1991 he went 3 for 11 versus Maddux with one triple and one walk. 1992 Morandini went 7 for 12 with one triple, one run batted in, one walk and got struck out by Maddux three times. In 1993 he only got one hit out of twelve at bats, getting one double and one walk with Maddux striking him out four times. In 1994 Morandini only had 2 at bats versus Maddux where he did not get a hit, which was also the case in 1995 where he had ten at bats and didn’t get a hit, striking out three times. In 1996 he started hitting against Maddux again going 5 for 14 with two triples and striking out twice. 1997 he went 3 for 6 getting his only homerun off of Maddux and two runs batted in with no strike outs. In 1998 he went 2 for 7 with one double and got two runs batted in with Maddux striking him out three times. His best season against Maddux was in 1999 where he went 5 for 8 with one double and getting one run batted in with no strike outs against him. Morandini went 3 for 7 with one walk, two runs batted in and got struck out two times by Maddux in their last year against each other in 2000.

The first time these two men met was on Wednesday, September 12, 1990, at Wrigley Field. Philadelphia Phillies vs. Chicago Cubs. Morandini went one for two against Maddux. He was hitting 8th for the Phillies in the batting order that day. In his first at bat versus Maddux (top of the 2nd) he saw two pitches, the first a ball then the other he groundout to the third baseman. His second at bat (top of the 6th) he saw four pitches from Maddux, a ball, one he fouled off, another ball and a line drive deep to center field between shortstop and second base for a single. Darren Daulton (1983-1997) would later come up that inning and hit a single into center field to score Morandini. The Cubs went on to win that game 9 – 3 with Maddux getting the win which gave him a 13-13 record at that time.

Mickey Morandini had two great games against Greg Maddux, the first was on Sunday, May 12, 1996, at Veterans Stadium where he went 3 for 3 with one single and two triples, scoring all three times and getting a stolen base which was actually him stealing home. Phillies went on to win that game 6 – 0 against the Braves giving Maddux the loss which gave him a 4 – 3 record. His second big game against Maddux was on Saturday, May 15, 1999, at Wrigley Field. Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs. Morandini was batting 8th in the order for the Cubs that night and went 4 for 4 against Maddux. He got a double and three singles scoring one run and getting one run batted in. The Cubs went on to win that game 5 – 1 with Greg Maddux getting the loss giving him a 4 – 3 record that season.

Mickey Morandini finished his career with a .268 batting average, a .338 on base percentage and with a .359 for slugging over the span of 11 seasons. He was an All-Star in 1995 and won the National League MVP in 1998. He was also a very good second baseman getting 1st for fielding % in 1998 with a .993 and of course getting second in 92, 93, 97 and in 99. His biggest salary was $2,000,000 a season for the Cubs which was for two years. He ended up getting roughly $10,855,000 for his whole career which to me is not a lot of money considering the pay checks those other hitters got that are in the top five best hitters versus Greg Maddux.