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Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon together?!?!

I just read on twitter that the Dodgers are open to trading Dee Gordon and I know that the Reds don’t need a 2B but it sure would be fun to have Hamilton and Gordon on the same team. Which one would you bat #1 and which one would be #2? Then with Joey Votto batting #3 would make a pretty interesting combo.

Please forgive me #Reds fans [Tweets about MLB]

I feel I must apologize to all of the #Reds fans that follow me on twitter. Lately I have been re-tweeting and tweeting about all MLB transactions this off-season. And to tell you the honest truth, it is all because the past few off-seasons I have not really had much to tweet about with Reds transactions. GM Walt Jocketty has kept his moves (if any) close to his vest for so many seasons, I can’t even run with a dream story and try to get Reds fans hopes up without every one (myself included) saying ‘Ya, Right!’ We all know even a player like Nori Aoki is not on the Reds radar, even after reporters saying ‘Walt said…’ I would not be surprised if in the next month Jocketty tells reporters they are going to look internally for a LF bat, coughHeiseycough.

Now, please don’t read into this as me being upset with the Reds. That is not true. I understand how it works and some deals just can’t get done, no matter how good you are. I just wish Walt and the front office would do something to show us they are even in the office! And this is not the first time I have wrote this. It seems every off-season I write the comments ‘Is Walt even in the office?’ or ‘Why do the Reds even send guys to the Winter Meetings?’ And I know I am not being fair to these hard working employs who do a lot of behind the scenes work that I will never know about as a fan and for that I am sorry. But, wow! This is another very slow off-season for the Reds.

So to get back on track, thank you to those that are following me on twitter and for not getting upset that I am not tweeting about the Reds. Trust me, if there was news about the Reds I would be all over it and tweeting about it like crazy. But until then, you will see tweets like:

And if you are one of those people that say, ‘You should go looking for the stories about the Reds like a good reporter would.’ I am not a reporter, I am just a fan who likes to read rumors and watch teams go crazy during the off-season along with the fun of watching all of those transactions take shape during the season.

How hot are #Reds hitters right now? Twitter knowledge!

Saw this on twitter and just had to share. Of course I never double checked it, because anything said on twitter is usually correct, right? Even if it is off, it sure looks nice for the Reds. Billy Hamilton is by far the most impressive player so far with the home runs from Todd Frazier a close second.

#redscaravan has my attention

I have been busy today having fun watching all of the Reds fans and staff post on twitter about the 2012 Reds Caravan. Modern Technology has given a small town Canadian boy a chance to see everything that happens on the Caravan. Jamie Ramsey has been posting information and pictures along with fans posting pictures on twitter and I feel as if I am there. There is a lot to be happy about this offseason for the Reds. They have put together a winning team this offseason and fixed some holes that everyone wanted to see made better.

If you have a chance to make it to the Reds Caravan this year please follow me on twitter and send me pictures or post a comment on here with links to photos. @2r2dblog. You can follow all of the twitter fun by going to #redscaravan

More sidebar madness!

I have added Reds blogs twitter feeds to the sidebar now and find it fun to watch what they are all saying in twitter about Major League Baseball and Cincinnati Reds. I have followed these twitter accounts very closely in the past few months and find them to be very knowledgable when it comes to the Reds and baseball in general. Please take some time and look them all over and follow them if you are not already.

Again, the sidebar is put together more to help me keep up to date then for the readers of the blog. I know that having all of this slows the blog down when new people try to load the blog but I hope it is not to bad that it will drive people away from the main goal, to inform Reds fans of what is happening with the team.

Thank you all for reading the blog and hopefully you will follow my twitter account @2r2dblog to find out the latest with the blog and baseball.