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Frazier and Votto come up big for the #Reds

3B Todd Frazier and 1B Joey Votto both hit home runs for the Cincinnati Reds in the 4-3 win over Colorado Rockies yesterday. Frazier’s blast was a bomb! Votto’s was another great home run against a left handed pitcher. (Something he has done a lot of this season.) Votto is seeing the ball great against left handed pitchers this season which makes me wonder if managers are going to start just leaving right handed pitchers in to face him instead of bringing in a left handed pitcher out of the bullpen.

Frazier's Blast!

Frazier likes it down the middle!

Votto's Blast

Votto likes it down the middle too!

Votto vs LHP

Votto vs LHP 2014

#Reds 1B Joey Votto 0 for 4 night

Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto went 0 for 4 tonight in the 4-3 loss to Boston Red Sox. I have been checking out Pitch f/x a lot lately and thought I would share what I found for Votto’s four at bats. BrooksBaseball F/X

Joey Votto

Joey Votto

Reds @ Red Sox May 7, 2014
Joey Votto’s at bats:

Top 1:
Joey Votto called out on strikes.
J. Peavy
J. Votto

	Speed	Pitch			Result
1	90	Fastball (Two-seam)	Called Strike
2	90	Fastball (Four-seam)	Foul
3	91	Fastball (Two-seam)	Ball
4	91	Fastball (Two-seam)	Called Strike
First at Bat

First at bat

Top 3:
Joey Votto grounds out, second baseman Dustin Pedroia to first baseman Mike Napoli.
J. Peavy
J. Votto

	Speed	Pitch			Result
1	89	Fastball (Four-seam)	Called Strike
2	79	Curveball		Swinging Strike
3	91	Fastball (Four-seam)	Foul
4	91	Fastball (Two-seam)	Ball
5	91	Fastball (Two-seam)	Ball
6	90	Fastball (Two-seam)	In play, out(s)
Second at Bat

Second at bat

Top 6:
Joey Votto grounds out, first baseman Mike Napoli to pitcher Jake Peavy.
J. Peavy
J. Votto

	Speed	Pitch	Result
1	86	Cutter	In play, out(s)
Third at Bat

Third at bat

Top 8:
Joey Votto grounds into a double play, second baseman Dustin Pedroia to shortstop Jonathan Herrera to first baseman Mike Napoli. Skip Schumaker out at 2nd.
C. Breslow
J. Votto

	Speed	Pitch			Result
1	87	Fastball (Two-seam)	In play, out(s)
Fourth at Bat

Fourth at bat

Late spring [blog] cleaning

With snow still on the ground here I am a little late with posts and with cleaning. I have finally come around to cleaning up the blog and will continue to clean it up as the days go on. Cincinnati Reds have a great team this season and I am really loving Choo at the top of the order. Votto and Choo fighting for the best OBP is a lot of fun to watch everyday. And I now say without a lie that I really enjoy watching Homer Bailey pitch now. He has really matured and become the top of the rotation kind of pitcher many Reds said he would. Go #Reds

# Reds Blasts from the past (part 1)

I found some more great videos today and thought I would share. It is by just strange chance that some of these monster blasts are against the Giants. 🙂

Votto’s two-run smash

Votto’s second homer

Rolen’s three-run blast

Bruce’s solo homer

Gomes’ 100th homer

Hanigan hammers one

Votto’s solo shot

Phillips’ three-run shot

Hanigan’s three-run shot