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I knew he could do it! Thanks Walt! – #Reds end Winter Meeting slump

Well, the no transaction slump during Winter Meetings is finally over and all I can say is, Way to go Walt!! I knew you could do it! I know a lot of Reds fans are upset right now but these moves were needed for the big picture and I like them. RHP Alfredo Simon and RHP Mat Latos did great for the Reds but the Reds front office had to do something and I am glad they did it during the Winter Meetings, instead of waiting longer like they usually do. I will not go into detail about who the Reds got in the trades because to tell you the honest truth, I don’t know much about them just yet.
I just wanted to write my support for Walt Jocketty and his front office and thank them for finally making some noise during Winter Meetings. Great work Reds, keep it up!

I just have to add this quote. It really made me happy to be a Reds fan and I have a little more respect for Walt Jocketty now because of it. “I remember as a kid this was always a fun time as a fan to watch the activities of the Winter Meetings to see what was going on. I’m sure this is stirring up a lot of interest in baseball, which is great for our industry.” Reds’ Meetings moves open door for future additions

Wake me up when Winter Meetings are over

It is another snore-fest at MLB Winter Meetings for the Cincinnati Reds and of course that is no surprise for any of us. Days like this, I am very happy I am not the Reds reporter, I would lose my mind trying to figure out what to write about. Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty seems to be sticking to his old ways of not showing his hand too early and of course that just makes this time of year very slow and boring! Thank you Mr. Jocketty for ruining Christmas! I used to like Winter Meetings before you came along!

I am not going to write anymore about the trade rumors because seriously, Walt is not going to make any moves until much later, if he even does make any moves this off-season. So we will just talk about something different. I saw this on twitter today and thought I would share.

Don’t worry Reds fans, Winter Meetings will be done soon and then something will get done. We hope!

Just another week as a #Reds fan [Winter Meetings]

Cincinnati Reds fans, I would love to tell you that this week (MLB Winter Meetings) is going to be the best week of your lives, but that would be a lie. Everyone and their dog knows the Reds general manager, Walt Jocketty does not like to do to much during Winter Meetings. Sure, I will give credit to him and his team, they do end up making some very interesting moves after Winter Meetings which shows us they are doing something during that time, but it sure would be nice to see Walt come out swinging one time! Just one time Walt! Hit the floor running!

As a baseball fan it is usually very fun to see what happens during the Winter Meetings. Who will be signed next and of course who will be traded? There is a lot of excitement during this time not only for fans, but for the front office of every team, the players and of course the reporters. Everyone is busy doing their jobs, or so we would hope to assume. The past five Winter Meetings have not been very exciting for Reds fans. We all are hoping this year will be different.

Reds Checklist:
1. Starting LF and a outfield bench bat
2. Bullpen
3. Young starting pitchers who the team will have control of for a few more seasons.
4. Surprise the hell out of Reds fans and the MLB World! Make a move NOW!

My #Reds Front Office expectations for MLB Winter Meetings

I know I am really stretching my hopes on this one but I thought I would add what I expect the Reds to do this MLB Winter Meetings. Three items, three simple items and I am not even going to dream on these.

1. A cheap / contract controlled outfield bat. Which will cost the most for the Reds, especially if they have to trade RHP Mike Leake. (Yes, I like Leake for the future of the Reds more than Cueto and Latos due to the fact that he can stay off the DL)

2. Cheap / contract controlled bullpen arms. This might be done with the Leake / outfield bat trade.

3. Cheap / contract controlled starting pitchers that will help next season. Let’s face it, Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos will not be with the Reds next season and if they have to trade Mike Leake to get a LF bat, they could really be in trouble next season. Another thing to think about is, there is no way Jocketty and the Reds will sign a big pitcher in next off-season to play in Great American Ball Park, so once again he will have to trade to get them. There are some very nice young pitchers on the Reds farm system right now that should be ready soon so that helps a lot, unless they have to trade them with Leake to get the LF bat.

All of these things should already be at the top of the list for Reds Front Office when they head into the Winter Meetings. I have seen a lot of fans saying they need a SS but in my mind let’s just deal with the real bad issues first. LF bat / bullpen arms / and starting pitchers for the next season.

Now let’s look at what really will happen for the Reds this Winter Meetings! Nothing, nothing at all. Walt and his team will come home empty handed and nothing will be done. Because as we all know, Walt does not make deals under pressure, “I won’t make a deal just to make a deal” And good old Walt does not like to be rushed. So Walt, take your time. There is no rush at all, the Reds will just be hosting the All-Star game this season. Take your time.

Walt Jocketty disappointed they did not get more done during Winter Meetings

MLB Winter Meetings are over for the Cincinnati Reds and once again Walt Jocketty and the front office go home “disappointed” Many of us knew the Reds would probably not do much during the meetings but a lot of us were hoping things would be different this time around. There were lots of rumors but from what I saw on twitter, most of the rumors were coming from other teams. And when the rumors came out Walt Jocketty was quick to squash them along with any hope of making the team better. Time will only tell if this Winter Meetings was a waste but from what I am seeing so far it does not look to promising. Walt and his front office could not even land his mystery switch hitting SS bench player. Sometimes I really wish he would not try to surprise everyone and just come out and tell reporters what he is doing. This holding stuff close to the vest thing is getting real old, real quick.

No news is good news

The second day of the Winter Meetings has gone by and nothing has been done by the Reds front office which is a good thing considering they have a lot of young prospects on their roster. In my mind, no news is very good news. It means they will not be throwing away prospects in order to get a #3 or lower starter who would get eaten up in GABP.

A lot of arm-chair GM’s want the Reds to trade for Atlanta Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens and think they should give up Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal and some even say the Reds will have to give up even more than that. Sad thing is, there is not just one person saying this, there are a lot out there that think Jurrjens would be the right fit for Cincinnati Reds. I really wish these people would stop thinking that way. Like I have stated many times before, Walt Jocketty does not make deals like that. If he did, they would not have players like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey. Sure the last two are not really panning out as well as Bruce and Votto but it just shows that Jocketty and the front office still hold them up very high. Which is why I really doubt they will trade away someone like Yonder Alonso or Yasmani Grandal for a #3 starter in the rotation. Now many will say, you have to trade good players to get good players and I understand that very well. I just don’t think trading two #1 picks or more away for a starting pitcher that might not do very well in Great American Ball Park is a very wise move. I would rather have Travis Wood or another young pitcher play and save those young position players for when we really need them.

The Reds are also shopping for a closing pitcher which they might just turn around and use in-house pitchers like Sam LeCure, Edinson Volquez or Bill Bray. If the Reds do end up looking outside of the team for a closer it will most likely be a cheap player that they will be able to afford for 2 to 3 seasons.

Other news yesterday was that they are looking for a right-handed power hitting left fielder along with an older cheap SS / INF who would be able to play all positions to help Dusty Baker out when players get injured. I would not expect them to pay too much for these two players and I would not expect it to be long contracts either because they really want to have room for their younger players later on.

I still don’t think much will happen at the Winter Meetings for the Reds because of the fact that every team and their dog is looking for the exact same thing that they are looking for and many of these teams have way more to trade away. And to tell you the truth I am ok with the Reds just staying where they are until players like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder get taken off the free agent list. That way they can plan better with what they will really need to push forward in 2012.

Let the fun begin

Winter Meetings have started and so far there has been a lot of talk surrounding the Reds, considering I thought they were not going to do anything at all during these meetings. Shocking news came out that the Reds looked into free agent OF Josh Willingham and although he is not their main objective it is still a very good start for a team that didn’t plan to make many rash decisions at the winter meetings. And another name that has just come up is Octavio Dotel, the Reds have been reported to be just one of many teams interested in the 38 year old. I am very happy to see that the Reds front office is making some calls and trying to get involved early. If they are looking into free agents now that really shows me that they are serious about making another push for the playoffs in 2012 since the 2011 season did not end the way most of us thought it would.

With lots of rumors surrounding guys like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder I really thought that would be the only interesting news I would follow this offseason during the meetings but now it seems there is more for me to write about. I have been very vocal about how I really hope that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder go to teams outside of the Central and so far Miami is helping with one side of that, by really trying to get Pujols to sign with them. I hope Texas helps with the other, I have heard they are trying to get Fielder. Can you imagine the Cardinals and Brewers without them in 2012? That would make such a great Christmas gift for any Reds fan out there. Sure those teams will still be very tough to beat with who they have but those two players helped them a lot in 2011.

I have also read that our hopes of re-signing Francisco Cordero are not really even in the picture anymore and the Reds are hoping they can find someone on the team already that will fill that spot in 2012. I have even heard rumors about Edinson Volquez moving to the pen and being the closer. I for one would like to see Sam LeCure take over as the closer. I think he would do very good in that role.

Winter Meetings 2011

With the Winter Meetings in full swing a lot of fans wait to see if there will be any big moves right away to top what the Marlins did before the meetings began with signing SS Jose Reyes. I personally just want go the whole week without hearing that Cincinnati Reds traded away their key prospects like Yonder Alonso.

I just watched a video of Yonder Alonso answering questions from fans on mlb.com and found one answer that impressed me the most. The question was, “In the long-term do you want to play, Left field or first base?” Alonso answered with, “It doesn’t matter as long as I am in the big leagues playing every day.” This shows me that this kid just wants to play and the Reds front office would be foolish to trade away a player like this, ever. I really doubt Yonder Alonso or Joey Votto will have to worry about that this offseason because it is very clear that the Reds want to keep them both for 2012.

The Winter Meetings have always been one of my favorite things to follow and this offseason is going to be even better because of some of the key players that are being discussed. I look forward to seeing where most of these guys go and hopefully there are some blockbuster trades to add to the free agent signing excitement.

It might happen to the Reds next offseason

After seeing that Jose Reyes signed with Miami Marlins, a division rival of New York Mets, a sick feeling came across me as a Cincinnati Reds fan. Will this happen to the Reds in the 2012 offseason with Brandon Phillips? There has been a lot of talk about both sides still being way off on an extension that would keep Phillips a Red for life and to tell you the truth it might not ever happen. Are the Reds going to pull the trigger at the trade deadline and get something for him than if they do not decide to keep him? Or, are they going to do the same thing the Mets did, wait it out and hope that he signs with a team that will not effect their stats that year? Jose Reyes signing with Miami just shows that a draft pick is not always the best path to choose. I really doubt any player the Mets pick in the draft will help them against Reyes and the Marlins in the near future. It is a move that will end up kicking them harder than they thought. Than again, it might also be a bad move on the part of Miami because of Reyes injuries but at this point I would have to say the Marlins made a good move.

The signing of Rose Reyes to Miami is like if Brandon Phillips signed with Chicago Cubs in 2012 / 13. It would not only kick Walt Jocketty in the back side but it would hurt more for the fans every time they played against the Cubs. I just hope this big news wakes Walt and his front office up and they get to work on signing Brandon Phillips or even gets them talking to GM’s at the winter meetings about a possible trade at the trade deadline in 2012.

I was really hoping an American League team would have signed Reyes but at least it was not a National League Central team. Now there are just a few more free agents to go. I still have my fingers crossed for Albert Pujols to go to Miami or an American League team and I really hope Prince Fielder signs with a team out of the Central too. This could be a great sign to things to come. The Winter Meetings are finally here and moves have already started. Buckle yourselves in and get ready for the fun!

Texas-sized deals

The winter meetings are just around the corner and all I can say is, ‘Thank God!’ I don’t know about the rest of you but this offseason has been very boring for me. The most boring offseason in many years. I know that it has not just been boring for us lonely Reds fans, but it has been that way for all of Major League Baseball.

Albert Pujols is still looking for a job. Prince Fielder is using food stamps and there are many others still looking to get paid. I do believe we have a Texas standoff and teams are just waiting for someone to make the first move then it will be like a bomb going off and all of the dominos will fall into place. I expect St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Angels to be big players in the beginning of the winter meetings then I expect all the rest of the teams to follow very quickly.

Imagine it as your first high school dance, at first everyone is sitting on their hands looking up at the ceiling then at the end of the night everyone is having fun dancing and going crazy. Unless of course you were that guy still sitting on your hands at the end of the night (Walt Jocketty of the Reds) then nevermind, nothing will happen.

Sure, the Reds will make some moves, but I really don’t expect them to be of the “Oh my God!” caliber. Small moves to help the club reach .500 this season will most likely be all we see as Reds fans. As long as they don’t trade away all of their future players I will be happy no matter if Jocketty is the first one dancing or the dude still sitting at the end of the night. Hell, I don’t even know if the Reds front office will even go to Texas next week. They might just stay at home and pout because they will not be the prom king or should we say big players at the meetings. Don’t be shocked if you see Walt Jocketty sitting in the corner of the room making paper airplanes while the other teams make moves to better their clubs.

Now don’t get me wrong I respect Walt Jocketty and the others in the front office but I am tired of hearing the famous “we tried” line that is said after every trade deadline and other meetings like this one coming up. I want to wake up and read that the Reds were up front and center during the whole meetings and really making an effort. I want 500 rumors to start right off the bat and don’t let them die off until all the smoke clears. Hell, even if they are just rumors and they don’t actually make one single move I would be happy. At least that would give us something to talk about. It is bad enough that we didn’t make the playoffs this season after such a great start and great finish in 2010 but now we have to hear things like “We will not be looking at free agents this offseason.” Come on Walt, the fans need to hope for something. Don’t crush our dreams at the very start and then expect us to run out and buy season tickets. All I want for Christmas this year is the news that Walt Jocketty did make moves, not “tried” to make moves. Oh and while we are talking about Christmas gifts, I also want Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder to go to American League teams. Thank you Santa.