Redsfest 2011

Redsfest 2011 is finally here and if you are like me, unable to attend, it is nice to know that there are blogs and sites out there that show pictures and post information about what is going on. I thought I would post some helpful links to help Reds fans find out more about what is happening this year at Redsfest 2011.

Reds Twitter has all the latest news and information to keep you up to date this year. Better Off Red and Reds Country are two great blogs that I have been following a lot during Redsfest 2011. Of course you should also keep checking The Official Site of the Cincinnati Reds and the Mark My Word blog.

I hope you all have a great Redsfest 2011 and please feel free to share your blogs with pictures of Redsfest 2011 so then I can post it on here.

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