Waiting game

There are a few fans out there that think Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty better hurry up and sign 2B Brandon Phillips and 1B Joey Votto to contract extensions right away before it is too late. I personally think the waiting game has paid off big time for the Reds so far, so maybe waiting might help in this situation also. I would love to see both players stay with the Reds for a very long time but having both might not be affordable for a small market team like the Reds. Maybe all they will be able to afford is just one of the two, so who do you pick then? No matter what happens, the season is going to have Phillips and Votto playing on a better team then they did in 2011, with a stronger starting rotation and a bigger and badder bullpen to close down games along with some young players getting a chance to show everyone what they have and some new players helping at multiple positions. Walt Jocketty has made quite a few smart moves this offseason so I expect he will do what is best for the team when he starts to have talks with Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips about extensions.


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