My next target

I have moved on from shaking my head and yelling at the TV for players like Drew Stubbs (who was traded) and Homer Bailey (who is now starting to pitch well) to a new target who seems to just get deeper and deeper on my … list. Devin Mesoraco has made some plays lately that have had me not only screaming at my TV but very close to throwing things at it too. But, I am trying to let the youngster grow up and learn from his mistakes like I was supposed to do with Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey. Some days though, it is very hard not to yell. I just sit and chew on my tea tree toothpicks and hope he learns fast. It seems like he is just not in the game mentally some days and this is not a good thing when you are a catcher. I won’t even get started on his base running.

Now don’t get to upset with this rant, I like the kid and hope the scouts are right about him, but there are days when I really can’t understand some of the things he does. I guess this is the growing pains we fans have to put up with in order to have the star player everyone promises.

Another bad play

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