Do you remember Rob Dibble when he played on the Cincinnati Reds? I remember getting his rookie card and going crazy thinking it was going to be worth tons of money when I got older. Friends tried trading me for it and no matter what they offered, I did not give it up. I still have it today and maybe just maybe when I am 90 it will be worth a lot of money and if not it is still very valuable to me because he was one of my favorite players at that time.
Rob Dibble

I look at the Reds bullpen today and shake my head. They are not the worst I have seen but compared to what the 1990 Reds had they have a long way to go. Can you imagine what guys like Rob Dibble, Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, Rick Mahler and Tim Layana would do today if they were coming in after these young starters we have now. Can you imagine what these guys would be getting paid today considering how much closers are going for in the free agent market now. The Reds would not have been able to afford any of them. Many of you might say that these pitchers would not have done as good if they did not have the position players the 1990 Reds had and I would agree with you but I still think they are better than what we have in the pen right now.

So when people say, all the Reds need for 2012 is a starting pitcher and maybe a young closer I really begin to worry. I think the Reds need a whole lot more than just those two things. It is nice that they will give some young players a shot this year but expecting them to go 130+ games in their first season is pushing it even for managers like Dusty Baker. So adding a few more veteran position players and pitchers might help in the long run. And since we have already been told the Reds are not picking up free agents they will have to trade for them.

I really hope I am wrong but I truly believe the Reds Front Office is happy with the team they have right now. They seem very content with what they have and I don’t think they will trade any one away at all this offseason. I would not be surprised if the Reds pick up players from other teams with ‘players to be named later.’ Which we all know will not pick up the kind of players we really need for 2012. So instead of kicking that dead horse again let us remember the Nasty Boys and hope that one day we have a bullpen like that again. Enjoy the offseason and hopefully 2012 will be just like 2010 for the Reds.


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