Madson vs. Cordero and the start of The Ma-sty Boys

Ryan Madson has signed a 1 year deal with Cincinnati Reds and I have to be the first to admit I really did not see this coming. I thought Madson would be way out of the Reds price range but once again I was very wrong. Thank you, Walt Jocketty!

— Update: Mark Sheldon just posted on Mark My Word: “More Madson” with questions asking what fans think about the rotation and bullpen now. He also asks who people think the National League Central team is now and my answer has always been the same, The Reds!!!

I wanted to do a comparison of Francisco Cordero and Ryan Madson in 2011 just to help see what the Reds are getting for one year. I posted other information about Madson in “Ryan Madson and Cincinnati Reds” and “Reds, Madson in agreement

I want to also say that at first (when I thought Madson was way to expensive for the Reds) I only did a little research on him and thought that he might not be the right fit in Great American Ball Park. After looking more into his stats I see that he is one heck of a relief pitcher in any ball park so he should do pretty good. I saw a tweet last night where people were calling Ryan Madson, Sean Marshall and Nick Masset of the Reds “The Ma-sty Boys” and I just had to put it in here. [Tweet]

At-bat results for Ryan Madson in 2011: 25.57% strikeout, 18.32% single, 17.94% groundout, 11.45% flyout, 3.05% walk and 0.76% home run.

At-bat results for Francisco Cordero in 2011: 25.18% groundout, 16.06% flyout, 15.33% strikeout, 11.68% single, 8.03% walk and 2.19% home run.

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