What re-signing Dusty Baker really does for Cincinnati Reds

First off, I am very happy Dusty Baker re-signed with the Reds, why? Because this boosted a young team to try even harder next season. This young team only know Dusty Baker. Most of the players on the team have only had one manager and after the tough postseason loss, bringing in a new manager might have really upset the players even more. They are comfortable with Dusty, and keeping players in their comfort zone (especially after the great season they had) is very important. Many will argue that bringing Dusty back was the wrong move and they have an arm’s length of reasons but I like it because the players really wanted him back. The ownership and general manager gave the players what they wanted, now it is up to the players to prove to everyone it was the right decision.

The speed of this transaction is what really impresses me the most, this could have strung out for most of the off-season like a lot of teams do, just to create sparks within the fan base and players but Walt Jocketty got it done very quickly and now they can concentrate on more important matters, like putting together an even stronger team for 2013. Many off-seasons before, it seemed like Walt used to stumble out of the gates to get things done, but this time around he had all of his ducks in order and has really impressed me early. I have a feeling this move will get him moving faster this off-season to get the players they need.

So, let the fun begin. Go Walt, Go!!!!


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