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Shake it up!!!

Cincinnati Reds fired Dusty Baker!!! Should more moves be done? Yes!!! Walt Jocketty should be next! (You never gamble a season away on hurt players, especially players who were hurt the whole season!! Expecting them to play to their potential in a one game playoff game is just dumb!) And Johnny Cueto! (You should not be smiling and joking around after being pulled from a one game playoff game sir!!!) And the list goes on.

I am just a fan so I don’t have a real say in the matter but if I was the owner I would be going NUTS! Fire sale NUTS!!!! Walt Jocketty and Dusty Baker would have been fired before the plane landed back in Cincinnati. Johnny Cueto would be traded to Miami or Houston and others would be soon to follow. Then I would hire the most pissed off manager I could find and let him go crazy on the rest of the players for the whole season!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Reds and am really not that bitter about the loss, I just wanted to let you know what I would do if I was the owner. So, just losing Dusty Baker is pretty good if you look at it like that. Will it be enough? I hope so. I really hope these “BOYS” wake up and realize that making the playoffs is one thing, winning the whole damn thing takes a hell of a lot more than just showing up!

What re-signing Dusty Baker really does for Cincinnati Reds

First off, I am very happy Dusty Baker re-signed with the Reds, why? Because this boosted a young team to try even harder next season. This young team only know Dusty Baker. Most of the players on the team have only had one manager and after the tough postseason loss, bringing in a new manager might have really upset the players even more. They are comfortable with Dusty, and keeping players in their comfort zone (especially after the great season they had) is very important. Many will argue that bringing Dusty back was the wrong move and they have an arm’s length of reasons but I like it because the players really wanted him back. The ownership and general manager gave the players what they wanted, now it is up to the players to prove to everyone it was the right decision.

The speed of this transaction is what really impresses me the most, this could have strung out for most of the off-season like a lot of teams do, just to create sparks within the fan base and players but Walt Jocketty got it done very quickly and now they can concentrate on more important matters, like putting together an even stronger team for 2013. Many off-seasons before, it seemed like Walt used to stumble out of the gates to get things done, but this time around he had all of his ducks in order and has really impressed me early. I have a feeling this move will get him moving faster this off-season to get the players they need.

So, let the fun begin. Go Walt, Go!!!!

Wow, that was fast!!!

Cincinnati Reds General Manager, Walt Jocketty re-signed Reds Manager, Dusty Baker today to a two-year contract and I am very happy to see this happen so fast. The players really loved Dusty so this gives them something to really be happy about this off-season. Which in my mind is very good, after the very tough postseason. Now with Dusty signed, the Reds can move their interest on to other things and hopefully this quickness to get the job done will continue on during the rest of the off-season. I hope Walt Jocketty keeps the pace up and gets all the moves done as quick as he did this one.

Could Drew Stubbs be worried?

With all the trade talks with the Reds being around a speedy lead off hitter, could this be the reason behind Drew Stubbs’ solid clutch hitting lately? Or could it just be that time of the year for Stubbs to go hot? Or to be even more exact maybe it was just the hometown cooking that got him hitting great.

I am amazed that many out there have not brought this up. I am not knocking his play time now or that he is batting 1st / 2nd in the order but in the back of my mind I am still thinking the trade talks might have given him the boost he needed. Of course we all know, Drew Stubbs will never be traded away but most of the guys that the Reds have shown interest in are playing Stubbs’ position, CF.

No matter what the reason, Dusty Baker is going to ride it out and hope it lasts until Joey Votto gets back and to tell you the truth I don’t blame him. If I was the Reds front office I would keep talking to other teams about CFers and see if it gets Stubbs hitting even better.

As most of you already know, I am not a big believer in the hype about Stubbs and Bailey finally maturing but they are both doing a lot better than other seasons so I will keep my mouth shut and hope that it finally is time for them to shine.

Here is something I have found today that I think is very interesting. While most hitters get better the more times they see a pitcher in a game, Drew Stubbs is completely different.

Times Facing Opponent in Game 2012

Split         AB HR RBI BB SO    BA   OBP   SLG   OPS
vs. SP 1st    61  2   4 10 21  .246  .352  .393  .746
vs. SP 2nd    70  2   8  2 17  .214  .236  .357  .593
vs. SP 3rd    64  1   3  4 19  .172  .221  .234  .455
vs. SP 4th+   13  1   2  1  2  .231  .286  .462  .747
vs. RP 1st    82  4   8 11 29  .256  .351  .451  .802
vs. RP 2nd     1  0   1  0  0 1.000 1.000 1.000 2.000

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Generated 7/26/2012.

If I had one wish from Walt Jocketty…

If I had one wish from Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty it would be to trade Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey right now. I know lately I have really been picking on these two guys but I am getting very tired of seeing them play. Especially having Drew Stubbs batting first in the order again. Come on Dusty!

Now I know that it is not easy to just trade guys like this but right now I would even trade them for a player to be named later. I am really getting tired of waiting for them to step up and play to their potential. I hope that they both turn it around and play great for the rest of the year to shut me up but let’s be honest, that will never happen.

Reds roster and staff

Here is the 40-Man Roster for the Cincinnati Reds as of today. This of course is not counting Ryan Ludwick who is still not official yet.

        Cincinnati Reds 40-Man Roster
 #     Pitchers         B/T  Ht    Wt     DOB 
33 Jose Arredondo       R-R 6'0"  175  Mar 12, 1984 
61 Bronson Arroyo       R-R 6'4"  195  Feb 24, 1977 
34 Homer Bailey         R-R 6'3"  200  May 3, 1986 
   Andrew Brackman      R-R 6'10" 230  Dec 4, 1985 
45 Bill Bray            L-L 6'3"  225  Jun 5, 1983 
54 Aroldis Chapman      L-L 6'4"  195  Feb 28, 1988 
47 Johnny Cueto         R-R 5'10" 220  Feb 15, 1986 
46 Carlos Fisher        R-R 6'4"  225  Feb 22, 1983 
   Josh Judy            R-R 6'4"  200  Feb 9, 1986 
   Mat Latos            R-R 6'6"  225  Dec 9, 1987 
44 Mike Leake           R-R 6'1"  185  Nov 12, 1987 
63 Sam LeCure           R-R 6'1"  205  May 4, 1984 
   Kyle Lotzkar         L-R 6'4"  200  Oct 24, 1989 
   Ryan Madson          L-R 6'6"  200  Aug 28, 1980 
   Sean Marshall        L-L 6'7"  220  Aug 30, 1982 
40 Nick Masset          R-R 6'4"  240  May 17, 1982 
66 Logan Ondrusek       R-R 6'8"  230  Feb 13, 1985 
62 Jordan Smith         R-R 6'4"  220  Feb 4, 1986 
   Pedro Villarreal     R-R 6'1"  215  Dec 9, 1987 

 #     Catchers         B/T Ht     Wt     DOB 
29 Ryan Hanigan         R-R 6'0"  200  Aug 16, 1980 
39 Devin Mesoraco       R-R 6'1"  220  Jun 19, 1988 

 #   Infielders         B/T Ht     Wt     DOB 
43 Miguel Cairo         R-R 6'1"  220  May 4, 1974 
2  Zack Cozart          R-R 6'0"  195  Aug 12, 1985 
25 Juan Francisco       L-R 6'2"  240  Jun 24, 1987 
21 Todd Frazier         R-R 6'3"  220  Feb 12, 1986 
   Didi Gregorius       L-R 6'1"  175  Feb 18, 1990 
7  Paul Janish          R-R 6'2"  200  Oct 12, 1982 
   Donald Lutz          L-R 6'3"  235  Feb 6, 1989 
71 Kristopher Negron    R-R 6'0"  180  Feb 1, 1986 
4  Brandon Phillips     R-R 6'0"  205  Jun 28, 1981 
   Henry Rodriguez      S-R 5'10" 150  Feb 9, 1990 
27 Scott Rolen          R-R 6'4"  245  Apr 4, 1975 
   Neftali Soto         R-R 6'2"  180  Feb 28, 1989 
3  Chris Valaika        R-R 6'0"  210  Aug 14, 1985 
19 Joey Votto           L-R 6'3"  220  Sep 10, 1983 

 #   Outfielders        B/T Ht     Wt      DOB 
32 Jay Bruce            L-L 6'3"  225  Apr 3, 1987 
28 Chris Heisey         R-R 6'0"  225  Dec 14, 1984 
   Denis Phipps         R-R 6'3"  210  Jul 22, 1985 
6  Drew Stubbs          R-R 6'4"  200  Oct 4, 1984 


        Cincinnati Reds Coaching Staff 
Manager & Coaches 
 #     Name            Position 
12 Dusty Baker         Manager 
49 Brook Jacoby        Batting Coach 
38 Bryan Price         Pitching Coach 
   Mack Jenkins        Assistant Pitching Coach 
22 Billy Hatcher       First Base Coach 
41 Mark Berry          Third Base Coach 
35 Chris Speier        Bench Coach 
59 Juan Lopez          Bullpen Coach 
72 Mike Stefanski      Bullpen Catcher 

      Name             Position 
 Terry Reynolds        Director of Pro Scouting 
 J Harrison            Scout 
 Marty Maier           Scout 
 Jeff Morris           Scout 
 John Morris           Scout 
 Shawn Pender          Scout 
 Steve Roadcap         Scout 
 Mike Squires          Scout 
 Jeff Taylor           Scout 
 Dominic Viola         Scout 
 Jerry Walker          Scout 
 Joe Morgan            Baseball Operations Assistant 
 Paul Lessard          Athletic Trainer 
 Mark Riggins          Minor League Pitching Coordinator 
 Rick Sweet            Coordinator, Catching 


     Cincinnati Reds Broadcasters 

Marty Brennaman
Thom Brennaman
Chris Welsh 
Jeff Brantley
Jim Kelch
George Grande
Sean Casey
Kent Mercker


Mat Latos vs. National League Central

Mat Latos has not played a lot in Great American Ball Park. In his career he has only played in this hitter friendly park twice, once in 2011 and the other time in 2009. He has only given up 1 home run in 14 innings and recorded 9 strike outs. After watching a few videos of Latos pitch in 2011 for San Diego Padres I have to say I am very impressed by the kid and what he can do. His curveball is amazing and his other pitches set it up very nicely. One very big bonus to this trade is that he is a National League pitcher so there will not have to be any adjustments made through that. Although he will be playing in some hitter friendly parks more now instead of the nice pitcher parks he might be used to, I have read that he did just as good on the road as he did at home. I can’t wait to see what he can do in GABP in the future.

Mat Latos in Great American Ball Park

Rk         Date  Tm Opp   Rslt  AppDec  IP H R ER BB SO HR Pit Str BF AB
1    2011-08-12 SDP CIN L  3-5 GS-7    7.0 4 2  2  1  5  0 111  71 26 24

2    2009-07-29 SDP CIN W  7-1 GS-7  W 7.0 1 1  1  1  4  1  86  57 23 21

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Friday, August 12, 2011, at Great American Ball Park [play by play and box score]
Wednesday, July 29, 2009, Great American Ball Park [play by play and box score]

I have included stats of Mat Latos career against National League Central teams so then we can see what teams he has done well against. The Brewers and Cardinals gave him some rough times in his career so far so hopefully with the Reds this will turn around and he will be able to pitch well against them.

                     W  L   ERA GS    IP   H  R ER HR BB  SO  WHIP SO/9 SO/BB
Chicago Cubs         2  2  3.47  4  23.1  21 11  9  1  8  30 1.243 11.6  3.75
Cincinnati Reds      1  1  2.70  3  20.0   9  6  6  3  4  16 0.650  7.2  4.00
Houston Astros       3  1  2.30  4  27.1  16  7  7  1  4  25 0.732  8.2  6.25
Milwaukee Brewers    0  2  4.63  2  11.2  13  6  6  3  5   8 1.543  6.2  1.60
Pittsburgh Pirates   2  0  2.84  3  19.0  16  6  6  2  5  19 1.105  9.0  3.80
St. Louis Cardinals  1  2 10.80  3  13.1  23 16 16  1  5   9 2.100  6.1  1.80

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Generated 12/18/2011.

Here are his career stats against the St. Louis Cardinals players.

                  AB  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG   OPS
Rafael Furcal     14  5  0   2  1  4 .357 .400 .357  .757
Ryan Theriot      11  2  0   0  1  2 .182 .250 .182  .432
Lance Berkman      9  2  0   1  0  3 .222 .222 .222  .444
Albert Pujols      6  2  0   2  2  0 .333 .500 .500 1.000
Yadier Molina      7  3  0   3  0  2 .429 .429 .571 1.000
Jon Jay            5  3  0   0  1  0 .600 .667 .800 1.467
Matt Holliday      5  2  0   4  0  0 .400 .400 .400  .800
Skip Schumaker     4  2  0   0  1  0 .500 .600 .750 1.350
Chris Carpenter    3  0  0   0  0  1 .000 .000 .000  .000
Allen Craig        2  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000 .000  .000
Daniel Descalso    3  1  0   0  0  0 .333 .333 .667 1.000
Kyle Lohse         1  0  0   0  0  1 .000 .000 .000  .000
Total             70 22  0  12  6 13 .314 .368 .386  .754

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And here are his career stats against Milwaukee Brewers players.

                      AB  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP   SLG   OPS
Nyjer Morgan           7  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000  .000  .000
Ryan Braun             4  0  0   0  2  0 .000 .333  .000  .333
Prince Fielder         6  1  0   0  0  1 .167 .167  .167  .333
Corey Hart             5  1  0   0  1  1 .200 .333  .400  .733
Casey McGehee          4  1  0   0  2  0 .250 .500  .250  .750
Rickie Weeks           6  4  2   3  0  0 .667 .667 1.667 2.333
Yuniesky Betancourt    3  0  0   0  0  1 .000 .000  .000  .000
Craig Counsell         3  0  0   0  0  1 .000 .000  .000  .000
Yovani Gallardo        3  1  1   1  0  1 .333 .333 1.333 1.667
Carlos Gomez           3  1  0   0  0  1 .333 .333 1.000 1.333
Jerry Hairston         3  1  1   1  0  0 .333 .333 1.333 1.667
Jonathan Lucroy        3  2  0   1  0  0 .667 .667 1.000 1.667
Zack Greinke           2  1  0   0  0  1 .500 .500  .500 1.000
Josh Wilson            2  1  0   0  0  0 .500 .500  .500 1.000
Randy Wolf             2  0  0   0  0  2 .000 .000  .000  .000
Total                 56 14  4   6  5  9 .250 .311  .536  .847

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Here are the stats of Mat Latos career in National League Central ball parks. I am hoping Bronson Arroyo and the other Reds pitchers will help Latos out with how to pitch well in these parks in 2012, especially in Busch Stadium and Miller Park or Dusty Baker will just have to be very careful of when he plays him when they play in those parks. In 58.4 innings (10 GS) he gave up 6 home runs in these parks while getting 54 strike outs.

           Split W L   ERA GS   IP  H  R ER HR BB SO  WHIP SO/9 SO/BB
CHC-Wrigley Fld  1 0  2.57  1  7.0  5  2  2  0  1 10 0.857 12.9 10.00
CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 0  1.93  2 14.0  5  3  3  1  2  9 0.500  5.8  4.50
HOU-MinuteMaidPk 1 1  3.14  2 14.1  6  5  5  1  2 15 0.558  9.4  7.50
MIL-Miller Pk    0 1  6.35  1  5.2  7  4  4  1  2  4 1.588  6.4  2.00
PIT-PNC Pk       2 0  2.77  2 13.0 11  4  4  2  3 14 1.077  9.7  4.67
STL-Busch Stad   0 2 25.31  2  5.1 17 15 15  1  5  2 4.125  3.4  0.40

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Generated 12/18/2011.

Boring but smart

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and one theme I am seeing a lot with Reds fans is that people are not happy with the lack of movement this offseason. Walt Jocketty once again is saying he is trying but nothing is happening. It does not surprise me that nothing has been done yet and to tell you the truth I am happy that nothing has been done. It means Walt is not going to give up our prospects for players he feels don’t deserve it. Many of us can point fingers freely and say it is all Walt’s fault or it is all Dusty’s fault but we do not realize that the other teams might be trying to get way too much for a player that really does not deserve it. I would not want to see the Reds trade away Yonder Alonso and one of their catching prospects for someone like Huston Street. I would probably crawl into a snow bank and not come out until it melted.

How about four of the Reds top prospects for Jair Jurrjens? Are you off your meds? I am glad none of these rumors came true, it shows that the front office will not trade away the future for someone who might not even help us for one season. If they want to win this year they will have to make a move but we really need to determine as fans what we want. Do we want them to win one Championship or many of them? I for one would love to see them in the playoffs for many seasons so keeping our young prospects is a very good idea. I don’t think trading three or four of them away in one trade is really a smart move right now. I don’t care if Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez type pitchers are up for trades, I would rather keep our prospects. What if Yonder Alonso does awesome in left field in 2012 and becomes rookie of the year? What if one of the Reds young pitchers goes on to become one of the best closers in baseball because the Reds took a chance and let him play that role? And what if Yasmani Grandal goes on to become another Johnny Bench for the Reds? Do you really want to trade these guys away for one player who will get killed in Great American Ball Park? Don’t get me wrong, if Walt can get one of those types of pitchers for one prospect and other players to be named later than I say go for it, but I really don’t think they could ever get a top of the rotation Ace without giving up most of the farm system.

Being an armchair GM for many years now I must say I am very pleased with how Walt Jocketty is handling this team. I get frustrated sometimes and wish he would make a move but I do understand that holding our players at a certain value and not just sending them away for a player to be named later is not an easy task. Many factors come into play that a lot of us might not understand. We also have to remember that the Reds are not to big into the whole Money Ball idea right now as far as I have read and Walt is going off of what his scouts and staff say. And I really am getting used to not seeing the Reds do much during the offseason. Another great thing about this offseason is that teams in the National League Central are losing their top players while the Reds just sit and watch. They might also be waiting to see where Prince Fielder goes before making any moves at all especially now that the Machine Albert Pujols is gone to the Angels.

If the team finishes below .500 again in 2012 I don’t think fans will have to wait much longer for something to happen. I think Walt and Dusty will be on the ropes and as fans begin to find other things to spend their money on the owners will step in and tell Walt and Dusty to move on. The Reds would then have to hire a whole new front office and that might have Reds fans wishing Walt and Dusty were back.

Another good day

With Miami pulling away from talks with Albert Pujols it looks like he will be staying in St. Louis. I hate that the deal did not get done for the Marlins but I also am glad that they set a time limit and stuck to it. Now they can get the pitching they needed instead and have a better all around team. Another plus to all of this is that the Cardinals did not get Pujols for a steal. They actually had to go up on their offer more and it will hurt them later on as the years go by.

The Reds had another quiet day with some talks about who they were looking into and what teams they talked to but nothing solid to really spend too much time talking about. I really don’t think they will get much done at the winter meetings except some ground work that might help make a deal later on in the offseason. But as many fans know, the longer you wait, the less chance they will have of getting good players that will help the team. The good old ‘hurry up and wait’ logic has been followed by the Reds front office for many years now and like I stated a few days ago, the Reds might have saved a lot of money if they would have not sent Walt Jocketty, Dusty Baker and the rest of the crew to Dallas at all. But I must admit they are doing more than I thought they would at these winter meetings. They are laying the ground work and I am proud to see them involved in some rumors. Only time will tell what will happen for the Reds this offseason. I still have my fingers crossed, hoping they will not trade away any young prospects.

1975 vs. 2011 (part 1)

I thought it would be fun to talk about something other than the winter meetings right now. I also wanted to do a comparison of one of the Reds best teams with last seasons team. Here is part one of that comparison.

In 1975, Cincinnati Reds won 108 games while losing 54, giving them a .667 W-L%. The best record so far in franchise history. I wanted to look more closely at this team and see what pieces were missing from the 2011 Cincinnati Reds that might help them win 108 or more wins in 2012.

Sparky Anderson was the manager of the 1975 Reds while as we all know Dusty Baker is the manager now. I think this is a good place to start. Comparing the two might help understand what kind of challenges the Reds will have right off the bat. Sparky Anderson managed the Cincinnati Reds for 9 years, 1450 games getting 863 wins and 586 losses. He took the team to 4 Pennants and 2 World Series Titles. Dusty Baker has managed the Reds for 4 years, 648 games getting 322 wins and 326 losses. On paper, many will say there is no comparison between the two but from what I have read and heard lately, Dusty Baker is liked a lot by the players on the Reds right now and if he can keep the youngsters motivated to play well everyday I will throw all the paper away and gladly be a Dusty Baker supporter. Sparky Anderson’s best season with the Reds was of course 1975 where they got 108 wins, he saw 100+ wins with the team 3 times. Dusty Baker’s best season was 2010 where the Reds got 91 wins and 71 losses. But for this comparison we are taking Anderson’s 1975 record of 108 wins and 54 loses against Dusty Baker’s 2011 season with 79 wins and 83 losses. Both managers have won Manager of the Year awards but never with the Reds so we will not count them in this discussion. Dusty Baker won 3 (1993, 1997 and 2000) while Sparky Anderson won 2. (1984 and 1987) I remember Sparky Anderson while he managed on the Detroit Tigers and was alway impressed with that team. I remember Dusty Baker more as a player then a manager and I always thought he did very well on the field. I just wish he got his players to play the same way all the time.

Now we move onto position players and I thought we would start with the catchers and then move our way around the base paths and out to the outfield then take a good look into the pitching staff for both teams.

1975 Reds had Johnny Bench, Bill Plummer and 22-year-old Don Werner. 2011 Reds had Ramon Hernandez, Ryan Hanigan and 23-year-old Devin Mesoraco. Before we even begin comparing the two I know many will say once again there is no comparison between the two but we will look into it more just to be fair. Right now I am not sure if there are many players in Major League Baseball that would match Johnny Bench, or should I say, ones that the Reds could afford. At age 27 Johnny Bench played in 142 games going 150 for 530 at bats giving him a .282 BA. He got 28 HRs, 110 RBIs and 83 runs. Can you imagine what he would have done in Great American Ball Park? Bill Plummer saw 65 games ending the season with a .182 BA with 159 at bats. Don Werner only saw 8 at bats and ended the season with a .125 batting average. Johnny Bench also came in 4th in National League MVP voting.

The 2011 Reds had Hernandez and Hanigan playing equal time and both did well in that situation. Ramon Hernandez played in 91 games going 84 for 298 (.282 BA) and getting 12 HRs, 36 RBIs and 28 runs. While Ryan Hanigan played in 91 games getting 71 hits in 266 at bats. (.267 BA) He got 6 HRs, 31 RBIs and 27 runs getting 35 walks and 32 strike outs. Devin Mesoraco played in 18 games going 9 for 50. (.180 BA)

Johnny Bench allowed 32 stolen bases while getting 27 CS and .989 Fld% with 0 PB and 29 WP. Plummer had 23 SB, 2 CS with a .990 Fld%, 2 PB and 19 WP. Don Werner had 6 SB and 0 CS with 1 PB and 1 WP getting a .984 Fld%. On the 2011 Reds Ramon Hernandez got 39 SB, 23 CS, 3 PB, 26 WP and a .998 Fld%. Ryan Hanigan got 34 SB, 18 CS, 2 PB, 18 WP and a .993 Fld%. Devin Mesoraco got 8 SB, 3 CS, 0 PB, 7 WP and a .973 Fld%. So the 1975 Reds had 61 SB – 29 CS and a 32 CS% while the 2011 Reds had 81 SB – 44 CS and a 35 CS%.

When it came to batting, 1975 Reds catchers had a .253 BA, .337 OBP, .439 SLG and a .776 OPS. The 2011 Reds catchers got a .266 BA, .338 OBP, .395 SLG and a .733 OPS. So that just shows that they are not that far off of each other. Of course the .439 SLG for the 1975 Reds makes the difference but everything else is pretty close.

1975 Reds had Tony Perez playing 132 games at first base. Dan Driessen played 41 games while Johnny Bench played 9 and Terry Crowley played 4 and even George Foster played 2 innings that year. Tony Perez went 144 for 511 AB getting a .282 batting average. He got 20 HRs, 109 RBIs with 74 runs. He also came in 15th in National League MVP voting that season. In total players at 1B got a .287 BA, .356 OBP, .480 SLG and .836 OPS for the 1975 Reds.

Joey Votto played the most games at first base for the 2011 Reds with 160 games. Yonder Alonso played 3, Miguel Cairo played in 5, Todd Frazier and Ramon Hernandez both played in one each. Votto got a .309 BA, .416 OBP, .531 SLG and a .947 OPS with 29 HRs, 103 RBIs and 101 runs in 2011 putting him 6th in National League MVP voting. In total 1B produced very well for the 2011 Reds with a .311 BA, .415 OBP, .538 SLG and .953 OPS. By far the best production for any position that year.